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Are Regular Sunglasses as Good as Wiley X Safety Sunglasses?

Are Regular Sunglasses as Good as Wiley X Safety Sunglasses?

Are Regular Sunglasses as Good as Wiley X Safety Sunglasses?

Some people just don’t think enough about what really constitutes of all-around eye safety measure. Sunglasses undoubtedly provide protection against glare. The UV-A & B types of rays are prevented from entering your eyes by means of tinted lenses in sunglasses. However, there are other protective measures to pay attention to in order to keep your eyes intact.


Shatter Proof Durability

Wiley X Glasses have lenses that are made out of polycarbonate material, which is ten times more durable than regular plastic or glass. It offers a shatterproof safety assurance to the wearer due to its high impact resistance.

Conversely, sunglasses do not have such a mechanism integrated within them. This is largely due to their lens made out of plastic. Moreover, plastic is much more prone to scratches and abrasions hence more likely to become degraded prematurely. Even Prescription Safety Glasses come with transition lenses so that makes them wearable even for indoors.


ANSI Certified

As sunglasses don’t offer high impact resistance, they don’t have the ANSI Z787.1 certification mandatory to offer shatterproof safety assurance. Furthermore, ANSI recommends the very polycarbonate material to be used in lenses which do not break easily in the face of any high-velocity projectile or any other source of blunt trauma.

ANSI Certification enables you to ascertain high-quality safety eyewear that does not compromise on safety. Lenses which are subjected to ANSI testing procedures undergo a series of stringent processes to ensure their durability & robustness. On the whole, the resilience of safety eyewear compared to regular sunglasses is like measuring a muscle car against a bicycle.


RX Option

Regular sunglasses often don’t let you wear prescription lenses along with them. RX Safety Glasses by Wiley X ensure that you enjoy the best of both regular sunglasses & vision correction lenses. It offers a one size fits all solution for your eyesight.

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