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Can I Wear RX Safety Glasses All Day?

Can I Wear RX Safety Glasses All Day?

Can I Wear RX Safety Glasses All Day?

The simple answer is… Yes!! They are just like your regular prescription eyewear but put much more safety options on the table for you. The common factor may still be vision acuity, but added features in Prescription Safety Glasses provide more value than you think. You may think that buying RX eyewear with added safety might be an overkill. However, keeping your eyes safe at all times is a health imperative which no one should overlook in their everyday life.



Safety Glasses with RX option are the ultimate solution to your vision needs. The hallmark of their safety is the ability to withstand high amounts of pressure without fragmenting into pieces. Not so common in regular prescription eyewear though.

The Shatterproof durability is owed to polycarbonate lenses which are used in protective eyeglasses. In the same vein, ANSI recommends polycarbonate material to be used in lenses in order to provide the required level of safety assurance for the wearer’s sake.


Compliance Workplace Safety Standards

The idea of wearing ordinary RX glasses in the workplace which encompasses several hazards is a questionable one. If your environment poses threats as high-speed projectiles, fine sediments, debris, dust or toxic liquids, you need to check if your glasses are enough to keep your eyes safe.

OSHA recommends that workers must equip themselves with gear that offers sufficient protection against safety hazards that are prevalent in a given work environment. Your own RX glasses won’t count as safety gear due to their non-compliance with ANSI Z787.1 requirements. Hence, to cater to this, workers are required to wear either a Protective Eyewear over their prescription glasses or wear Safety eyewear with RX lenses. On the whole, you get both visual acuity & safety assurance in one piece of eyewear. Brands such as Wiley X offer a fantastic line of glasses which you can explore on our website.

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