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Important Guidelines to Clean Your Wiley X Glasses

Important Guidelines to Clean Your Wiley X Glasses

Important Guidelines to Clean Your Wiley X Glasses

As your glasses provide eye safety on the go, regular maintenance is a health imperative for the longevity of your eyewear. Cleaning is altogether a simple process. However, it requires the person to be aware of simple recommendations that would eventually prove beneficial for your eyewear.


Small precautions make a big difference

It is important to always place your glasses with its lens surface facing upwards. Conversely, if you let them lay ion their lenses, abrasions or scratches are likely to accumulate. To cater for this, Wiley X Sunglasses come with a protective clamshell case for keeping them in a safe place.

It is not recommended to haphazardly use the corner end of your t-shirt or any random cloth laying around in the house. It’s because clothes usually have dust accumulated on them which can cause give rise to scratches. You should always choose Wiley X’s very own microfiber cloth to prevent abrasions on your glasses lenses.


Choosing the right type of cleaning material

Wiley X provides a cleaning cloth which is a great option as opposed to any other medium such as towels or any other cloth, which may induce small scratches over time. For cleaning lenses, the chosen solution plays an important role. Hairspray or alcohol can easily cause lens coatings to wear off & form spots on the surface, hence proving to be bad choices for cleaning purposes. Salt water is not a good recommendation as well. Other bad choices include vinegar, window cleaning liquid & bleach. All of the aforementioned solutions will eventually cause the lens coating to abrade away.

Ideally, you should rinse your glasses with warm water along with dish soap. Just make sure you don’t leave any residues on the lenses surface. Always remember to store your glasses in a dry place. 

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