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Is It Okay to Wear Safety Glasses Every Day?

Is It Okay to Wear Safety Glasses Every Day?

Is It Okay to Wear Safety Glasses Every Day?

Yes! You can even bet on it. According to the Vision Council, more than 1300 people get their eyes injured every single day. Eye experts believe that by wearing apt eye protection, these injuries can be brought down by almost 90 percent. Hence, it makes every bit of sense to wear Prescription Safety Glasses when performing in sports, being at your workplace or working on a DIY project at your home.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

The very adage holds great relevance here. Eye protection is an indispensable responsibility which one ought to take on in their everyday life. However, you still need vision correction lenses if you suffer from some sort of presbyopia. Nevertheless, there is everything ‘safe’ about wearing protective eyewear during important activities in your daily routine.


Best of both worlds

Glasses that offer ANSI approved protection can be coupled with RX lenses for a one size fits all solution for your vision needs. Moreover, manufacturers have started making prescription eyewear more aesthetically appealing as well, just so that your glasses don’t make you look ‘nerdy’.

Furthermore, polycarbonate material offers shatterproof protection which ensures that the lenses don’t splinter in your eyes after coming in contact with any high impact or velocity object. They also provide complete absorption of UV-A & B types of rays which means you can wear them at any time you go out in the sun.


Few things to look out for

It’s important to pay attention to things like how well that glasses fit, having the right prescription lenses & using the right kind of tints that help with visual acuity & definition. Regular maintenance adds to the instance that your glasses last longer thus reducing replacement cost for you. 

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