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Protective Eyewear for People Who Wear Prescription Glasses

Protective Eyewear for People Who Wear Prescription Glasses

Protective Eyewear for People Who Wear Prescription Glasses

If you require some vision correction lenses, Prescription Safety Glasses are your go-to option. In a sense, you get to experience the best of visual acuity & standardized safety assurance for your eyes. Hence, there is always a solution for those who wear RX lenses.


Shatterproof Protection

Your regular RX glasses don’t provide the required level of protection as prescribed by ANSI. In contrast, top drawer branded eyewear, such as Wiley X Safety Sunglasses, come RX ready. This means you can add RX lenses with the right prescription which are ANSI Z787.1 certified. In a nutshell, you get to experience shatterproof protection against hazards like high-speed projectiles or fragments which may induce blunt trauma.


Enhanced Visual Acuity

Besides high impact resistance, you get to enjoy unmatched vision accuracy. Contemporary vendors include cutting edge aesthetics in their eyewear, offering RX option along the way. You just need to have the latest prescription from a certified optometrist before buying or ordering your glasses online.

RX lenses can also be integrated with polarized lenses thus offering you a high visual Prescription Safety Glasses contrast & definition. Wiley X glasses offer their signature Filter 8 lens technology which provides unrivaled polarized lenses.


Comfort & Shape

Usual prescription glasses often don’t provide what top-drawer brands do. For instance, Wiley X offers wraparound shape in most of their eyewear which is preferred by sports enthusiasts. Moreover, rubberized nose pieces & temples tips let your glasses achieve a snug fit & prevent any pinching sensation or discomfort if you wear them for long hours.


Lens Coating

You won't’ enjoy lens coatings such as anti-fogging in your regular RX eyewear. As far as safety eyewear is concerned, its additional lens coating greatly enhances your overall visual experience.  

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