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What Wiley X Tactical Goggles Protect You From?

What Wiley X Tactical Goggles Protect You From?

What Wiley X Tactical Goggles Protect You From?

If you spend your time in rough conditions which entail dust, wind, debris or high-speed projectiles then you may want to consider using goggles in your everyday routine. By contrast, normal safety glasses often don’t provide all-around protection for your eyes & face. There are certain perforations left by safety glasses which can let in hazardous foreign objects, consequently damaging your eyes after coming in contact with them.


Accidents Involving High Mass Impacts

Protective eyewear such as Goggles covers most portion of your face to ensure safety. High-graded eyewear by Wiley X is ANSI Z787.1 certified, offering shatterproof protection. Environments which involve toxic liquid recommend wearing goggles. This is because your average eyewear doesn’t cover many areas of your face for a required level of safety assurance. Some may argue that wearing side shields may do the job of staving off hazards. However, no single personal protective equipment provides comprehensive protection like goggles.


The Option To Include RX Lenses

There are goggles which provide the option of inserting the required RX lenses for greater visual acuity. Another option is to wear prescription glasses beneath your goggles. This, however, can be very discomforting especially where hot, humid conditions prevail. You simply cannot withstand this combination for long hours.

Wiley X Glasses enable you to integrate your prescription lenses in your goggles. Moreover, you get to enjoy sporty aesthetics besides crystal clear vision. Therefore, you get the best of both vision correction & ANSI approved safety in one piece of eye accessory.

Tactical Goggles provide that one extra bit of protection which could make all the difference in harsh conditions. They also achieve a snug fitting in contrast, preventing even the slightest amount of dust or debris from entering your eyes. On the whole, goggles are a better option where splashes of toxic chemicals or fine sediments are involved. 

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