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Why You Should Wear Prescription Safety Glasses by Wiley X?

Why You Should Wear Prescription Safety Glasses by Wiley X?

Why You Should Wear Prescription Safety Glasses by Wiley X?

Wiley X offers you an unmatched set of protective attributes that provide much more value than average RX lenses or sunglasses. Their wide-ranging product line offers something for everyone. Moreover, it’s all about offering high-grade eyeglasses for people who spend most of their time outdoors or are dedicated to sports. You can choose from a huge variety of ANSI approved eyewear which normal glasses don’t even come close to.


Wiley X Gives You Shatter Proof Confidence That You Need

Credit goes to ANSI Z787.1 certification. Wiley X glasses are known for their ruggedness & durability due to polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic compound that is ten times greater than normal plastic or glass. Due to its high impact resistance, there’s simply no chance for any high-speed projectile or foreign object to induce damage on your glasses.

ANSI recommends polycarbonate to be used in eyewear if it claims to offer high impact resistance. A lens which is subjected to ANSI testing undergoes a series of stringent processes to ensure the durability of the lenses. This demands them to withstand the impact of a projectile which is released from a very short distance.


Enhanced Visual Experience

Through a variety of lens options & coating, Wiley X ensures that you get to have an unrivaled visual experience. Its cutting edge polarized lenses technology incorporates 8 layers of protection which offer high-grade protection, visual acuity, increased definition & color contrast. Hence, there is so much more which Wiley X offers for its users.

Nevertheless, Wiley X Sunglasses ensure that whatever you do, you do it knowing that your eyes will stay safe. If you are the kind of person who is always on the go, yearning for adventure despite harsh conditions, Wiley X is the go-to option for you. 

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