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Wiley X Safety Glasses Are Better Than Regular Glasses

Wiley X Safety Glasses Are Better Than Regular Glasses

Wiley X Safety Glasses Are Better Than Regular Glasses

Whether you are planning to purchase eyeglasses or wear glasses for some moments, see all choices. Luckily, you are in a time where you have plenty of choices like Wiley x safety glasses. But on the other sides, these choices can be overwhelming.


While plenty of options are great in the selection, but sometimes they create stress in minds. So, as a user, your first approach is to take plenty of time and know about the key distinction. You will counter all those distinctions if you are looking for a new pair of spectacles.


Particularly, this distinction is important for safety eyewear vs traditional glasses. We shall help you to identify what decision will better for you as a customer.


So, whether you are a job holder and face some difficulties, or have a hobby to wear safety glasses. It is an important consideration that you should take before reaching your final decision. Finally, due to these considering differences, you will come in a better position to make a clear decision.


Know The Difference Before Order Wiley X Safety Glasses:


Before to start, the obvious difference between traditional and safety glasses is to focus on lenses. Whether you have prescription eyewear or not, the lenses are the only tool for eye protection. So, these lenses are impact-resistant than regular wileyx women sunglasses. The lenses of safety eyewear are manufactured with different kinds of material.


But the most popular material is polycarbonate lenses because they are lightweight than standard lenses. Well, they are softer, so they are easily scratched. But luckily, due to scratch resistance coating, it has mitigated the scratching over lenses. On the other hand, glass lenses are an ideal choice for different settings. But they are less safe for some challenging conditions.


The safety standard of impact resistance of the lenses of safety spectacles is indicated by marking. Therefore, this standard makes these safety glasses higher than glass eyewear. For example, ANSI is one of the most respected safety standards. So, to exceed this standard, the lenses and frames are met with a rigorous s series of tests.


A drop ball is one of the tests in which a one-inch steel ball is dropped through 50 inches’ height. If the lenses don’t chip, crack, or break, the lenses qualify for the test. But in case of cracking, chipping, or breaking, it cannot qualify for this test. This is one of the important tests of series that is made to examine the durability of lenses under high pressure. 


Why Should You Prefer to Order Wiley X Safety Glasses?


A lens with an ANSI standard means it can shield your eyes in a challenging environment. For example, if your job has an environment with plenty of flying or dust particle, ANSI standard lenses are the best choice. Safety certified lenses are an ideal choice while playing fast speed sports where flying particles are common to enter into eyes. They are ideal for riding or hunting.


Standard men sunglasses don’t meet these safety standards. Indeed, if anyone claims that regular glasses can withstand all challenges, they are wrong. If they are not made by these protective standards, they are skeptical to use them. Besides, the nature of the lenses, another key difference is their impact resistance frames.


What Material Is Used in The Wiley X Safety Glasses?


The frames of protective glasses are also made of different materials. But nylon material is one of the known due to its lightweight and flexible nature. Well, the frames of standard glasses are made of different stuff. Some of them are plastic and aluminum stuff. Like safety lenses, the frames have been manufactured to stand in front of safety standards. One of the most popular tests is a drop ball test. In this test, a steel projectile of 17 ounces’ weight is released on the mounted frame.


To pass this drop ball test, the frame should retain the lenses and no piece should detach from the surface of the frame. Generally, this is a test, but the fact is that the frames of the wiley x sunglasses are designed to stand against impact. So, you can identify the frames that have passed the test, there will be marking on the frame. Besides, you can find this mark on the temple of a frame or front of the frame.


So, now you can guess that regular glasses are not produced with such a safety standard. If you are working in a challenging environment, you can accidentally fall into these settings. For example, there is a rare chance to break the frame in an extreme situation, but this risk is normal. It might be too risky if you combat this situation with regular glasses.


Take A Final Decision Before to Purchase Wiley X Safety Glasses:


Generally, these are key differences and straightforward. So, it would best to look at your preferences and habits before a final decision. For example, prescription safety glasses are important for you to wear if you are a plumber, machinist, or laborer. Indeed, you must purchase protective glasses if you want to remain safe on your job. If you are enjoying working on home improvement tasks, you must consider safety glasses.


Extra pair of protective glasses keep with you if you are playing your favorite sport. Besides, if you are working in a situation where you don’t require extra protection. It would better to go with regular glasses. Standard glasses can help you to see clearly but cannot protect your eyes from dust and flying debris. If these things hit by your lenses, they are unable to protect you.

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