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Wiley X Tactical Goggles

Wiley X Tactical Goggles offer all-around protection. MIL-PRF-32432(GL) & ANSI Z87.1 high velocity & mass impact protection that is designed to keep your eyes safe in extreme conditions. Ballistic rated goggles offer high-end safety assurance against projectiles & other impacts which induce blunt trauma to your eyes.

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WileyX SG-1




60 tryon-glasses


WileyX SG-1

60 tryon-glasses



Protection Which Goes Beyond The Ordinary. Explore Our Collection of Heavy-Duty Wiley X Tactical Goggles


Wiley X provides Tactical Goggles which ensure that your eyes stay protected in the harshest of circumstances. Its eyewear was initially made for veterans who serve their country in very unforgiving environments. Hence, High-grade safety equipment is a defensive imperative to protect against projectiles, small fragments, dust & foreign objects among other hazards which can easily leave you blinded for life. So if you want that extra bit of protection, goggles made by them are the quite the fitting solution to work as your personal protective equipment. Nevertheless, tactical wear by Wiley X is the only make of goggles that you’ll need to stay protected on the go.

You more than welcome to explore a wide-ranging selection of tactical sunglasses & goggles which don’t fall short of offering an outstanding optical experience. You can even virtually try glasses listed on our website with our ‘try-on’ feature. This can be done by either using one of the default model pictures on our website or by uploading yours to see which tactical eyewear suits your face type. On the whole, the navigation experience of our website & the huge assortment of Wiley X tactical eyewear enables you to choose the perfect frame. 

Tactical goggles aren’t only meant to be worn by army personnel. Outdoor recreation can equally pose threats to anyone’s eyes while driving or partaking in hiking, shooting, fishing or even driving. Once you are out there in the wild, there are plenty of hazards which should be kept at bay by wearing protection for your eyes. Wiley X tactical eyewear provides superior protection in moments where normal safety eyewear may not be an apt choice. Be it your workplace or just a countryside trip on your motorcycle, Wiley X Tactical Goggles are commercially available for anyone who requires something edge regarding eye safety.

There are a lot of instances where wearing glasses is not a suitable choice. Safety Glasses are meant to provide bare-bones protection. This means that they aren’t tailored to provide safety assurance against certain types of hazards such as toxic liquids or fine sediments which may find their way in through any perforations or small gaps of your glasses. Goggles, on the other hand, provide a well-rounded guard against such hazards, forming almost a seal-like overlay on vulnerable portions of your face. Conversely, glasses don’t have that much of coverage on your face. Most glasses don’t even come with side shields which leaves the areas around your eyes vulnerable to injuries.

Wiley X tactical eyewear comes in both sunglasses & goggles, which means you get to experience a win-win situation by enjoying all aspects that a piece of personal protective equipment has to offer. There exists an option to seamlessly switch between different types of tinted lenses for tactical wear in the Changeable Series. This removes the problem of switching between multiple glasses just to see clearly when moving from indoors to outdoors on a bright, sunny day. Wiley X offers you tactical eyewear that is used by military veterans who have to live & breath in extremely tough circumstances. With multiple decades worth of brilliance, Wiley X is trusted by millions of veterans across the globe.

There are tons of features offered in Wiley X tactical sunglasses & goggles thus making them one of the best eye accessories to wear for both safety & aesthetic reasons. You get to enjoy a High-grade, branded eyewear which offers much more value in return for millions of users around the world. Read more to find out what traits make Wiley X stand out from the rest.


Ballistic Rated Eyewear

People often overlook eye protection, even in the most dangerous circumstances. Accidents happen when you least expect them to. Ideally speaking, one should wear protection that delivers an all-around safety overlay for your eyes. Thus, to stave off a fast-moving projectile, such as a bullet, it’s a prerequisite for your eyewear to be ballistic rated. Going into a bit more detail, your protective eyewear must be able to withstand .22 projectiles fired from a very close range. Lens surface must stay intact after the withstanding impact of a projectile fired at an average speed of 600 km/h. This is what makes an eyewear Ballistic-Rated, which means it is almost as strong as to stop a bullet.

Wiley X offers military-grade eyewear that gives you the extra bit of safety which one may require to keep their eyes intact. The high-end safety ensures that your frame & lenses stay in shape. Practically speaking, if eyewear is able to withstand the impact of a bullet, they are literally undestroyable. A sudden ricochet can easily lead to a grave injury. This is an apt choice for hunters, motorcycle riders or even mountaineers who are exposed to small fragments which can induce permanent damage to your eyes. Wiley X ensures that you stay ahead of the field by wearing all-inclusive safety goggles.


Excellent Comfort

Tactical Goggles by Wiley X provide a snug fitting without causing a pinching sensation or any discomfort even when worn for long hours. They come with a strap which allows for increased flexibility. Just as regular Wiley X Glasses, you get to enjoy a sleek design in a wraparound shape, allowing maximum peripheral vision. It also helps prevent tunnel vision due to a wider lateral view. With its very own cutting edge aesthetics & a spherical design, tactical glasses enable a greater peripheral vision. This is very extremely useful for those who need to have RX lenses inserted in their goggles. The very design allows your tactical eyewear to have a more natural appearance as opposed to having a bulging or thick appearance of ordinary prescription eyewear. For people wearing helmets, Wiley X goggles are the perfect eye accessory which can be easily attached to your headgear by means of a rail system. The Rail Attach System comes with dual straps that are each laced with a clip & rail bar which you can adjust according to your head size for a perfect fit. This prevents your goggles from having a loose fit thus preventing them from falling off especially when there is a lot of physical movement involved on the go.

A low profile goggles shape is perfect for a variety of head sizes & facial types of both men & women, making Wiley X one of the most ergonomic heads/eye accessory to wear for most occasions. Although it was initially made for military veterans serving in jarring conditions, tactical eyewear has evolved in such a way that makes it convenient for anyone to use it for all-round safety purposes. Moreover, all Tactical Eyewear comes with a hard case & an elastic strap that lets you wear goggles in case you’re involved in any activity that requires you to lean or sway at a weird angle such as hiking or climbing. On the whole, there is simply no other eye accessory which offers the same level of attributes which provide the same level of comfort as Wiley X.


Maximum Protection in Extreme Conditions

ANSI tested safety glasses by Wiley X provide cutting edge protection on the go. Military-grade Goggles are designed to provide safety even in the most trying of times. This means your eyes remain intact in against any unexpected accidents. Tactical wear equips you with all the necessary protection that you need to protect against various hazards such as debris, dust, wind, projectiles, peripheral light, fine sediments, residues, toxic liquid or any other object which may induce blunt trauma. Any single one these can lead to potentially a serious injury which can leave you blinded for life. According to Prevent Blindness of America, thirty-one thousand eye injuries occur annually & most of these injuries occur to those who don’t wear solid eye protection. When playing sports, working outdoors or working on a Do-it-Yourself project in the backyard of your home, you need to have a robust protective gear that doesn’t let anything penetrate its mass. It’s a protective imperative that every personal protective equipment needs to have. There should be no laxity when taking responsibility for your eyesight. This is exactly why you should choose Wiley X as your ultimate protective equipment for most situations.

Wiley X’s proprietary selenite material is used in making lenses (made out of polycarbonate) that offer shatter-proof protection. It is essentially a thermoplastic compound which is a lot stronger than plastic & glass lenses. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight & almost impervious to scratches or abrasions. It ensures that your eyewear doesn’t give way under the stress of any accident consisting of high velocity or mass impact. Due to polycarbonate material, your safety is ensured against most hazards. It allows you to enjoy your passions without stressing over your eyes’ safety. With veterans as their target audience, Wiley X eyewear was designed to cater to those who spend the majority of their environment in extreme conditions such as war zones. Conversely, normal eyewear, which is made out of plastic or glass lenses, may put your eyes at a greater risk than not wearing them at all. Even if you require RX lenses, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. Its tactical gear can be easily glazed with RX inserts for vision correction purposes. Wiley X inspires everyone to stay focused on the task at hand without worrying about any hazards that exist in a given environment.

For those who wish to wear night goggles during any kind of nocturnal excursion or military expedition, Wiley X provides the perfect solution. The low profile shape of tactical eyewear allows it to be compatible with night vision goggles by offering adequate space & the ergonomic design to let them have a snug fit together. This is especially useful for veterans or anyone who is out on a hunting experience at night. Hence, you get to enjoy an optimal experience with Wiley X that simply cannot be matched by any other branded eyewear.


RX Option for Vision Correction

Now you don’t have to wear RX Safety Glasses beneath your goggles. Wiley X offers a one size fits all solution by allowing you to glaze your tactical gear with RX lenses. This is an optimum choice for anyone with eyesight problems or those who don’t want to wear an additional piece of eyewear under goggles. Moreover, you get to enjoy lenses coating for enhanced protection i.e. T-shell anti-scratch, & anti-fog. When it comes to surviving hot, arid or snowy conditions, Wiley X remains a solid choice to counter the hazards posed by such circumstances. Regular eyewear in the form of glasses may not be a suitable choice to prevent fine sediments or any other foreign objects from entering your eyes. Most safety eyeglasses have perforations or gaps in their frame which can let some form of dust or peripheral light to sneak in & obstruct your vision in the most crucial moments. This can be extremely dangerous. For sportspeople, outdoor recreationists & Daredevils, all-around protection is essential to provide a fool-proof safeguard against dangers. People should beware of wearing any protective paraphernalia that is not standardized by the health & safety organization acts. This is exactly why you should go for something that provides you with a valid safety assurance along with a variety of protective attributes that offer more value than any other safety gear for eyes.

People with any form of vision problems like near or farsightedness & astigmatism can enjoy correction lenses without worrying about the weight of their glasses. Polycarbonate lenses allow you to add more prescription numbers without getting overbearingly heavy as opposed to glass or plastic lenses which often give you a thick, bulging appearance. With sporty aesthetics, Wiley X tactical eyewear remains a favorite choice when wearing RX lenses for visual acuity that lets you stand out from the rest. Its spherical shape brings a natural appearance that is visually appealing & stylish. On top of that, it’s high impact resistant material renders it to be indestructible against any blunt trauma accident. Whereas your regular RX glasses might not be suitable to perform the job of protecting your eyes in severely tough conditions. Moreover, with tactical goggles, you don’t need to wear a pair of RX glasses beneath them. Instead, you can add RX lenses by glazing them in inserts which can be inserted in your tactical eyewear frame. So gear up for a wild ride with Wiley X tactical eyewear which lets you see without fear & perform without any obstruction by letting you see clearly even when the odds are stacked against you. Wiley X is designed to perform especially when mother nature tries to put your eyewear’s durability to the test.

People with vision correction problems get to experience the benefits offered by a complete eye protection gear. To use RX eyewear, one has to integrate them in an RX plug-in frame first. This allows anyone to change lenses quickly without causing any problems if someone wants to solely use this tactical eyewear, without any RX lenses. This option is a no brainer for people who have to wear a separate pair of RX glasses with their goggles. There is no need to wear RX glasses beneath your goggles when you have Wiley X as an option. If you seriously are considering Tactical sunglasses to switch from your regular sunglasses, we promise that you won’t get disappointed!

You can explore from the hottest available glasses on this website which exclusively offers Wiley X tactical eyewear. There are new arrivals made available in 2019 for you to browse & choose your favorite(s). The eyewear which we offer is the industry-leading brand out there that serves millions of people from all around the world. The target audience consists of men & women of all ages who enjoy wearing stylish & high-grade eyewear which serves their eye safety needs. There is literally no brand that offers the same level of add-ons in their eyewear. Furthermore, there is a wide-ranging product line thus ensuring users get to buy glasses which suit them best.


More Features That Make Wiley X Tactical Eyewear The Best

Enjoy a great range of protective attributes that contribute to a sound safety assurance overall. It’s tactical eyewear consists of both goggles & sunglasses, each offering a diverse array of benefits for users. Wiley X is easily considered among the top-of-the-line eyewear brands that have a global presence & a unique approach towards making high-quality glasses. Wiley X is tough as nails to perform in the most sweltering conditions without letting your guard down. Even the most vicious of circumstances simply cannot inflict that a single instance of damage when your eyes are protected by their eyewear.

There are many things regarding your sight which one needs to take care of. Your eyes need protection against glare, especially when being outside in sunny or bright conditions. Moreover, interchangeable lenses features allow users to switch between varying tints having different light transmission levels. On the whole, Wiley X goggles offer more than what you pay for. The added features such as lens coating & ballistic rated durability is an example of the wide-ranging benefits that you get to enjoy.

Tactical eyewear also allows you to change your lenses according to light levels in your environment to see clearly. You can pick from many colors that suit your requirements. Different tints have certain light transmission levels that allow you to see better accordingly. For instance, when being indoors, you can always use the clear or non-tinted lens for 100 percent light transmission that lets you see clearly. Wiley X ensures premium quality lenses which provide a seamless visual experience. For bright light, smoke grey tint works best as they have the right light transmission levels to filter any unscattered light in sunny conditions. For hazy or even normal light, yellow or light rust colors are available with optimum light transmission levels. Moreover, you can easily switch between different kinds of lens tints. This prevents you from carrying around a spare pair of glasses with different pair of lenses.

Lens coating is another powerful add on that lets you experience a crystal clear vision which doesn’t let anything get in the way of your performance. There are a multiple lens coating available in the Wiley X Tactical series as well:

  • Anti-Fog
  • T-Shell Hard Coating
  • Hydrophobic

Anti-Fog coating lets you have a translucent view through your lenses. This helps especially when one is working in snowy or very hot conditions which cause fog to accumulate on the lens surface. The anti-fog solution acts as a protective layer which keeps your vision unobstructed. This also prevents you from constantly taking off your eyewear in order to wipe off the fog from your lenses.

Wiley X’s T-Shell Hard Coating is essentially an Anti-Scratch coating that increases the lens resistance against scratches & abrasions thus increasing their shelf life. This makes your eyewear robust against constant wearing & scraping thus enabling it to last longer than average eyewear & preventing it from degrading prematurely.

For water sports athletes & enthusiasts, a hydrophobic coating is a fantastic option that doesn’t let water affect your performance. The very lens solution lets the water slide down the lens surface instead of letting it stick to the surface. This, in turn, lets you experience a crystal clear optical experience which drives you to do your best on the day of the competition.


On the whole, Wiley X offers so much more for anyone looking for eyewear that offers a complete set of high-quality protective features to keep your eyesight safe even in the toughest of conditions.

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