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WileyX Wave

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WileyX Wave Protective Eyewear in Climate Control Series

Climate Control series by Wiley X is the go-to choice for daredevils & outdoor adventurers. Eye safety gets even more important when you come across various safety hazards when performing in sports or any other recreation. According to the Vision Council, more than six hundred thousand people suffer eye injuries in sports. Thus, the need for proper eye safety cannot be overemphasized. In the same vein, experts say eye injuries can be reduced by almost ninety percent just by wearing the right type of protective eyeglasses. This article discusses why Wiley X Wave is a great choice for protecting against various hazards that could induce permanent eye damage.


Facial Cavity Seal

Wiley X’s own removable foam gasket provides additional protection at the top. It prevents projectiles, debris, dust or other fine particles trying to enter from any perforations or gaps consisting in the frame design. Moreover, it prevents any trickle of sweat entering your eyes which can cause discomfort otherwise. The gasket is removable, as mentioned, hence allowing for easier cleaning & maintenance. 


Lens Coating

Lens coating enhances the protection offered by any safety glasses. The anti-fog solution prevents clouded lenses from obstructing your vision when performing any task in extremely hot or cold conditions. You don’t have to take off your glasses to wipe off the fog on lenses when you are wearing Wiley X glasses. Just like WileyX VAPOR & WileyX P17, the T-shell anti-scratch coating helps to increase the lens resistance against scratches. As a result, increasing the shelf life of your glasses & reducing the replacement cost. Thus, getting you more value out of what you spend on.


Prescription Ready

These frames come with Rx ready lenses, thus you get the best of both vision correction lenses & safety eyewear in one frame. Wearing normal prescription lenses can induce further damage to your eyes in the event of an accident. This is because they aren’t made using polycarbonate lenses.


Furthermore, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight than normal glass or plastic, thus allowing you to pack up more prescription index. They prevent that despised ‘bulging’ or nerd appearance of thick lenses caused by high prescription index.

Glare Reduction

Glare is caused when scattered light bounces off from flat objects straight into your eyes, thus causing discomfort. To solve this problem, you can always choose tinted lenses which have the ability to filter out excessive light that causes glare. This Wiley X eyewear comes with Smoke Grey tint which does well in bright, sunny conditions. It offers light transmission levels of around 14 percent. It also helps to block out 99 percent of UV A & B types of rays.


Selenite Shatter Proof Lens

Wiley X’s proprietary Selenite lenses are crafted using polycarbonate material which guarantees shatterproof resistance against high velocity & volume accidents. All Wiley X’s products are ANSI Z787.1 certified, which makes it a standardized product that provides a certain level of safety assurance against hazards.