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Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Safety Glasses for Kids

Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Safety Glasses for Kids

Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Safety Glasses for Kids

Wiley X offers glasses for kids which are sporty, durable & cool to wear with a variety of outfits. Now your child doesn’t have to appear like a nerd while wearing glasses for vision correction purposes. Gone are the days when children were compelled to wear thick, bulgy glasses being bullied & stereotyped as ‘nerds’ by their peers. Wiley X Youth Force Series ensure that young ones pursue their passions with unbridled confidence.


High Velocity & Mass Impact Resistance

According to the Vision Council, almost 200,000 children get their eyes injured every year. Moreover, eye injuries are the leading cause of permanent blindness in children. To prevent this, experts suggest wearing protective eyewear which can withstand high stress of any incident involving blunt trauma.

Wiley X Youth Force Series meets the ASTM standard for shatterproof protection. Even if your glasses fall to the ground from a respectable distance, they’d still be in perfect shape. They are meant to bear all sorts of scratches, abrasions & collisions without getting damaged.



More than often, RX glasses for kids are made out of metallic material which can be very discomforting to wear for long hours. In contrast, Youth Force Wiley X Glasses come with a sturdy & flexible nylon frame with contoured temple tips to provide a snug fit. Youth Force by Wiley X might be the only glasses that your child would need for all-encompassing protection.


Lens Coating

Anti-scratch coating strengthens the resistance of lenses against abrasions or scratches which otherwise may reduce the shelf life of your glasses. Moreover, the polycarbonate lens protects against UV-A & B types of rays. This proves very handy especially if your child spends a lot of time outdoors while playing sports etc.

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