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Plastic Wrap Safety Glasses
WileyX ACE


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Born on the battlefield by developing unparalleled relationships with U.S. Armed Forces and elite Special Forces units, Wiley X remains a standard issue item with many of these freedom protectors. Wiley X eyewear is ideal for weekend warriors or those who live an active lifestyle. Their cut resistant Kevlar and Nomex gloves used around the world in military and security applications offer the ultimate hand protection while allowing maximum dexterity. WileyX ultra protective eyewear uses the world’s most durable and lightweight materials:  shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant T-Shell Hardcoat and virtually indestructible Triloid nylon frames. Not to mention, flame resistant materials. WileyX:  the only premium performance sunglasses manufacturer whose entire line is ANSI safety rated with a one-year warranty and side shields are also available with every frame.


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WileyX ACE for an adult that 100% satisfies ANSI and OSHA standards that are made for best eyes protection. They are made for the toughest environment like sports, industrial level safety and provide ultimate protection. Their shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are the guarantee of 100% blocking of UVA and UVB rays. The ANSI safety glasses have T-shell scratch resistant coating are for the extreme environment. They reduce glare and provide a clear vision. They can withstand both for high-speed projectiles and other environmental elements like dust, wind, and pollens. They keep eyes safe all the time when you are engaged in the best time of your life.

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WileyX ACE Safety Glasses to Avoid Unexpected Eye Injuries

Wiley X Active Lifestyle series are made for outdoor sports enthusiasts who need to stay focused on their task without compromising on eye protection. Eye injuries occur at the most unexpected times. A small foreign object can be a wooden splinter, bits of glass or any other fragment which can leave you blinded forever. Wearers of Wiley X active lifestyle series can be sure of the fact that any blunt trauma inducing accident can never harm their eyes. For any ailment or injury, protection is always better than medicating for the injury. In case of eyes, the sensitive tissues are quite adamant to return to their truly healthy state once damaged. Hence, the administration of proper eye safety is a must. This article offers insights on why Wiley X Ace is the optimum protective armor for your eyes against a variety of hazards.


Prescription lenses

This is a huge win for people who require vision correction and want good-looking eyewear to sport at the same time. Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds. You can couple your frame with prescription lenses to enjoy all-round protective eyewear with RX option. This is a fantastic option for people who enjoy archery, hunting or shooting out in the wild. Moreover, you can pack up even more prescription index by virtue of polycarbonate lenses. This is because of its deceptively thin composition. Thereby enabling a lightweight, comfortable fit for wearing for long hours during any pursuit.



The rubber nose pads & plastic material allows you to wear these frames under hot, humid conditions. The additional leash cord with rubber grips is very useful for keeping the glasses close to yourself on the go without the fear of losing them.


Smoke Grey Lenses

Lens tint plays an instrumental role in allowing the optimum amount of light to enter your eyes. The light transmission for this eyewear stands around 15%. The smoke grey shade performs very well under bright conditions to prevent intense glare. Moreover, polycarbonate material prevents 99% of UV-A & B types of rays from entering your eyes.


ANSI Compliance

Lenses which comply with ANSI 787.1 offer shatterproof durability against high-stress impact. This rids the users of the fear of getting their eyes hurt by a fragment of lens getting into their eyes.



The wraparound influenced the oval shape of the frame is popular among people who care for a visually appealing eye accessory. The very shape enables you to grab attention without even asking for it! Now even trendy people can sport this eyewear without worrying about the wrath of the fashion police.


Facial Cavity

The detachable facial cavity acts as a bulwark against foreign objects, debris, dust or splashes of liquid trying to harm your eyes. Furthermore, it also prevents sweat from entering & causing discomfort to your eyes. All in all, the Wiley X Active Lifestyle Series is the go-to choice for sports enthusiasts. 

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