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WileyX AIRRAGE Climate Control Protective Eyewear

Climate Control Series by Wiley X includes a versatile range of eyewear. They serve to protect your eyes if you are more of an outdoor person or spend most of your time out in the sun biking, climbing, etc. Whatsoever activity you pursue, keeping your eyes safe remains an imperative.

Eye safety is not limited to the four walls of the workplace. It’s a responsibility that we ought to take up on a regular basis. Eye injuries can be devastating in most cases. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, almost 2.5 million people sustain eye injuries annually out of which 52 percent occur in sports. Experts agree that eye injuries can be reduced by wearing proper eye safety gear. In the same vein, this article explains some of the key features of Wiley X Airrage.


Removable Facial Cavity

Wiley X’s own foam gasket serves as a bulwark against the wind, debris, dust, fine particles or sediments from entering from the top or any gaps around your frames. Additionally, it also protects your eyes from sweat trickling into your eyes. Furthermore, it is removable in nature thus making it easier for you to take it out when not in use. It also helps in achieving the perfect fit if the glasses a little loose fitting on the sides.


Double Injected Temple Tips

To complement overall fitting, temple tips are made with rubber. The double injected rubber adds to the stability of this frame. Furthermore, Wiley X’s T-peg elastic strap can be used to prevent your glasses from sliding forward when ducking or inclining.


RX Ready

Wiley X offers prescription ready glasses for people requiring refractive correction solutions in their glasses. Wiley X XL-1 ADVANCED & WileyX BRICK offer the same feature. Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds by providing you aesthetically designed prescription glasses with the strength to endure high velocity & volume impacts without shattering into bits. You certainly don’t have to carry another pair of glasses on you when you’re wearing Wiley X.


Interchangeable Lens

This is the hallmark feature of many of Wiley X’s glasses. It allows you to switch between various lenses which perform best in varying lighting conditions to reduce glare. For instance, smoke grey lenses have a lower light transmission level so they perform better in bright, sunny conditions. Light rust lenses perform better in virtually all kinds of lighting conditions, even though they are recommended for hazy conditions.


Shatterproof Protection

All of Wiley X’s glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified. This translates to their shatterproof impact resistance against hazards involving blunt trauma. Polycarbonate lenses are used which helps achieve just that. Users can focus on their task without having to worry about any accident inducing permanent damage to their eyes. As polycarbonate is ten times stronger than normal glass or plastic, it helps in providing the required level of safety assurance as prescribed by ANSI standards pertaining to face & eye protection.