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WileyX AXIS WorkSight ANSI Safety Glasses

WorkSight series is for the fashion-forward person who wants to have the best of both worlds in one pair of glasses. Be it the mid-level manager working on a construction site or your average high school student, these glasses are perfect for people who are style conscious & value eye protection at the same time.

Wiley X offers the perfect solution for people requiring vision correction. More often than not, people with prescription glasses often put themselves at the risk of getting their eyes permanently damaged. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three in five people, who sustain eye injuries at work annually, don’t wear any kind of eye protection. This is due to people’s false perception that eye safety gear is too clunky or old fashioned to wear. However, that will all change when you choose Wiley X-Axis. This post discusses its protective features which are as follows:


RX Option

As mentioned, regular prescription glasses just aren’t enough. Most importantly, they lack the level of safety assurance which you need to keep your eyes safe from blunt trauma inducing hazards like debris, high-speed projectiles or any foreign object that poses a threat to your eye’s longevity. 

With Wiley X, you get both functionalities in one eyewear. This is your one size fits all solution which offers vision correction & high-level safety assurance simultaneously. Moreover, these glasses are the go-to option for people who don’t want to look like a nerd.



The frame comes with metallic rims coupled with nylon temples that provide a comfortable fit without exerting any excessive pressure on either side of your head. The rectangular shape provides a sophisticated look, which is desired by most white-collar managers or students who want frames in a sleek design. These frames also come with adjustable wire core tips which enable a customized fit for different head shapes & sizes.


Peripheral View Protection

These glasses come with side shields, which provide all-round protection against projectiles or foreign bodies which may otherwise sneak in through the unprotected sides of your glasses. Peripheral protection is necessary as whenever an accident occurs, we tend to turn our face away from the source thereby leaving the sides of our face exposed. The very shields act as a bulwark against most common hazards and are extremely portable as well. They can be removed when not needed.


Shatter Proof Protection

These glasses come with lenses that are made using polycarbonate material. Foolproof protection is imperative, especially so in the case of your eyes. You may want to check out Wiley X EPIC & Wiley X CONTOUR as well which are offered in Work Sight series. Polycarbonate lenses are ten times stronger than usual plastic or glass and are much leaner in composition as well. Furthermore, ANSI Z787.1 standard compels vendors to use polycarbonate lenses in order to provide the ANSI prescribed level of safety assurance.

All in all, Wiley X remains the popular choice for people who do not want to settle any less than the best that they can get with their money’s worth.