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Plastic Wrap Safety Glasses

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Born on the battlefield by developing unparalleled relationships with U.S. Armed Forces and elite Special Forces units, Wiley X remains a standard issue item with many of these freedom protectors. Wiley X eyewear is ideal for weekend warriors or those who live an active lifestyle. Their cut resistant Kevlar and Nomex gloves used around the world in military and security applications offer the ultimate hand protection while allowing maximum dexterity. WileyX ultra protective eyewear uses the world’s most durable and lightweight materials:  shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant T-Shell Hardcoat and virtually indestructible Triloid nylon frames. Not to mention, flame resistant materials. WileyX:  the only premium performance sunglasses manufacturer whose entire line is ANSI safety rated with a one-year warranty and side shields are also available with every frame.


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WileyX BOUNCE completely satisfies ANSI safety standard that is available for prescription lenses. If you are searching for fashionable prescription eyewear that can boost your confidence, this is what you need. This RX ready frame is extremely durable and functional for all type of environments. These branded safety glasses full-rim frames are made up of plastic. Because of plastic making, a frame is lightweight, durable, and comes in a variety of colors. Plastic material eyewear is very helpful in the sports field. The glasses come in a rectangle shape with a single bridge. The petite face features people should choose this eyewear as it will suit their face. 

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WileyX BOUNCE Youth Force RX Safety Glasses for Kids

Parents share the imperative role of educating their children on eye safety. Young people are often involved in active lifestyles throughout much of their earlier years. According to the National Eye Institute, injuries related to eyes are the major cause of blindness among children. Parents need to take this seriously. Experts agree that eye injuries could be reduced by 90% by wearing the right kind of safety eyewear. A renowned brand such as Wiley X offers the most cutting edge prescription safety eyewear for children. This article dilates on how Wiley X Bounce is the perfect choice for kids which protects their eyes from any devastating injuries.


Causes of eye injuries among children

Eye injuries occur in the most unexpected fashion. Many of them develop through years of exposure to some hazard and manifest later on. Thus, eye safety should be a foremost priority for kids. Blunt trauma or lacerations to eyes are common in sports. They happen by way of pokes, high impact contact, foreign projectiles, etc. Furthermore, kids spend most of their time outdoors in the sun. This can subject them to long term illnesses like macular degeneration & cataracts. Furthermore, eye injuries can also occur indoors such as science labs. Kids are often exposed to fumes of toxic chemicals or sudden splashes of liquid which can leave them permanently blind.


Why choose Youth Force Series by Wiley X

Youth Force series is tailored to provide safety against a variety of hazards. They also come in a wide-ranging colors & shape to enhance their visual appeal & comfort for children. They provide matchless eye protection for kids in whatever they enjoy doing. Some of the benefits are:


  • Prescription safety eyewear

Youth force series by Wiley X caters for children requiring prescription lenses. Usual RX glasses may not provide the required level of safety assurance. This is due to the lack of polycarbonate lenses needed to stave off high volume & velocity accidents. Wiley X provides the best of both worlds by offering safety along with vision correction. All Wiley X eyewear is ANSI Z787.1 certified. Therefore, providing shatterproof of protection against hazards. Polycarbonate lens is very lean & lightweight. This allows it to pack up much more prescription index as opposed to regular glass – which gets quite heavier & thicker as a result.


  • Comfort & Style

This Youth Force eyewear comes in a unisex, full rim plastic frame which is perfect for common sports. The rectangular shape allows it to be suitable for most face types as well. The contoured temples provide a snugly fit thus preventing glasses from falling off. It’s available in a variety of colors as well to suit your child’s liking.


  • Durability

As mentioned before, the polycarbonate lens enables Wiley X Bounce to do its job. The sturdy thermoplastic compound provides the required level of safety assurance without fragmenting or shattering into pieces. On the whole, it is a perfect choice for kids who enjoy an active lifestyle.

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