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Save Your Eyes with WileyX BRICK Safety Eyeglasses

Wiley X has become a powerhouse in the world of PPE (personal protective equipment) over the years. They provide the most cutting edge eyewear that offers unmatched durability, sporty aesthetics & comfort. It goes without saying that eye safety is more than just a sound investment. It is an imperative armor in your PPE paraphernalia.

Eye injury is a problem whether you are at work, home or involved in some outside recreation. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, three thousand employees face eye injuries on an annual basis at their workplace. On the other hand, Prevent Blindness of America reports almost thirty thousand eye injuries on an annual basis. Overall, it is safe to say that our eyes need to be protected more than we really think. For this, a renowned brand of eyewear must be chosen. Wiley X remains the go-to choice for many sports enthusiasts & military veterans as it helps them to stay focused on the job without worrying about their eyes getting injured. This article explains some of the key features of Wiley X Brick & how far they help in keeping your eyes protected from safety hazards.


RX option

Wiley X offers the option to include prescription ready lenses into this beauty. Ever wondered your prescription glasses could be as cool as contemporary sunglasses? Look no further. WileyX PT-1 & WileyX ROGUE are available with RX lenses as well. Not only you enjoy visually appeal that comes with these frames but also the durability of any premium safety eyewear. So basically you are getting the best of both worlds in one eyewear.


Lens Coating

Various lens coatings allow for better protection. For instance, fogged lenses are both a great nuisance & pose a threat to your eyes. Fogged lenses can easily lead eye injuries as they force you to take off your eyewear to wipe off the fog on the lens. This makes your eyes vulnerable to prevailing safety hazards. Wiley X’s anti-fogging coating helps in preventing fogged lenses

Wiley X’s own T-Rex anti-scratch coating increases the resistance of lenses against scratches. Furthermore, it increases the shelf life of the product & reduces the replacement cost of the user.


Variety of Lens

Glare is a common problem that is faced by all of us while being outside in the sun. Glare can cause accidents while driving, skiing or scaling a mountain. To reduce glare, Wiley X offers tinted lenses with different light transmission levels. They help reduce the amount of light that enters the lens into our eyes without distorting colors or obstructing vision. WileyX VALLUS & WileyX VALOR also come with such lenses.

Tints are available in Smoke grey & clear lenses. You can choose the former if you spend a lot of time in bright, sunny conditions for glare reduction. For indoor purposes, clear lenses are popular for the maximum amount of light transmission through your lenses.