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WileyX Brick 855F

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Choose WileyX Brick 855F - The Perfect Frame for Any Lens Type

Wiley X offers the perfect frame that can be incorporated with a variety of lenses which provide safety assurance for your eyes. Eye injuries are quite common than people think. According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost half a million eye injuries occur every year at the workplace. Furthermore, the same study claims that three out of five people who got injured were not wearing any eye protection. Thus, it can be reasonably assumed that negligence can be costly in the long run.

Eye experts claim that injuries can be easily reduced by wearing the right kind of safety gear for eyes. Thus, choosing from a renowned brand such as Wiley X is the go-to option here. Your eyewear needs to have features which ensure that safety hazards are prevented to full effect. This article explains why Wiley X Brick 855 Frame is the ideal choice for safety which offers a number of protective features that contribute towards its reliable safety assurance:



The frame comes in a wraparound shape which provides a sporty aesthetic. This shape is often sought after by most sports enthusiasts & outdoor recreationists. Furthermore, wraparound shape increases the peripheral view of the user thereby increasing the range of vision. The slightly contoured temples provide a comfortable fit which helps your glasses to stay in place during any kind of head movements.


Facial Cavity Seal

These Wiley X safety glasses come with a foam gasket that can be attached to the back of your glasses. It acts as a bulwark against dust, wind, debris, fine sediments, splashes of liquid or projectiles from coming in contact with your eyes. Furthermore, they help in achieving a snug fitting which ensures that your glasses don’t slip or slide forward from their position.


Tinted Lens

These bare-bones frames can be easily combined with a lens having various tints in order to reduce glare. Glare is when scattered sunlight enters your eyes, thus causing discomfort. To counter this, a lens with darker shades must be used. For instance, you can choose to smoke grey lenses by Wiley X in order to see better in bright, sunny conditions. For indoors, clear lenses are recommended for maximum light transmission levels. Furthermore, Wiley X lenses absorb 99 percent of UV A & B types of rays to prevent any long term damage to your eyes.


Lens Enhancements

You can couple these glasses with your required type of lens solutions which amplify their safety assurance. You might want to check out WileyX BLINK & WileyX ROMER as well. Speaking of Lens enhancements, Anti-reflective coating is a popular one which prevents reflection from appearing on the back side of your lens. Wiley X’s very own T-shell hard coating bolsters the resistance of lens against instances of abrasions or scratches, thus prolonging your glasses’ shelf life & reducing their replacement cost. On the whole, with Wiley X, you get so many options to choose from.