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WileyX ENZO Safety Glasses for Climbing or Hiking

Any outdoor activity requires protection against various high impact accidents. Eye safety shall not be eschewed when engaged in pursuits such as hiking or scaling a mountain. More than often, people outside their workplace are subjected to grave eye injuries. It is estimated that more than 50% of the total eye injuries occur outside the workplace.

Climbing can pose certain threats. This requires proper eye safety during climbing, which can save you from devastating eye injuries. Furthermore, experts unanimously claim that eye injuries could be reduced by a great margin just by wearing the right safety eyewear. A simple solution is often the most ignored. You can save your eyes by going for top drawer brands such as Wiley X which offer premium protective eyeglasses. This article discusses why Wiley X Enzo is the apt choice for eye safety during climbing.


Protection against UV rays

UV rays are able to permeate our body due to their shorter wavelengths. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to problems as we age. Common symptoms include cataracts (blurring of the crystalline lens) & macular degeneration (weakening of macula at the back of our eye). Both are major causes of blurred & hampered vision thus requiring costly medical treatment.

Hiking & climbing involves a lot of exposure to sunlight. Extended amount of exposure can lead to the aforementioned eye ailments. The longer your bare eyes come in contact with UV rays, the more serious the chances of a devastating illness become. UV becomes stronger at higher altitudes. They increase by 10% every three thousand feet. If rock climbing is your passion, you need a good pair of protective eyeglasses by Wiley X.

You might ask, “Aren’t my regular sunglasses enough for preventing UV Rays?” Well, that is true. However, sunglasses are much more prone to getting damaged & induce trauma or lacerations in your eye during any high impact accident.



Your regular sunglasses only do half the job of what optimum eyewear should do. Safety Glasses by Wiley X are ANSI Z787.1 certified. Thereby implying their ability to withstand high-stress impact without any chances of shattering or fragmenting into your eyes. Robustness of lenses is achieved through polycarbonate material whereby the shatterproof ability of the lens is achieved. In essence, polycarbonate is ten times stronger than regular plastic or glass. Hence, the strength to withstand impact is much greater of safety eyewear than of regular sunglasses. 


Why choose Wiley X

Wiley X Enzo is the one size fits all solution for every climbing or hiking enthusiast. The smoke grey lenses performance well to reduce glare in bright lighting conditions. The detachable Facial Cavity seal provides much-needed protection from the top. It helps to stave off any debris, dust or fine sediments from entering your eyes. It also prevents any sweat from causing discomfort. Wiley X is the perfect armor for your eyes to help you stay focused in your pursuits without worrying over the safety of your eyes.