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WileyX EPIC WorkSight Series for Sharp Vision & Safety

Who says safety eyewear has to be old-fashioned? Wiley X WorkSight series provides quality aesthetics & protection at the same time. Protecting your eyes is as important as saving them from workplace hazards. According to BLS, almost three thousand people fall prey to eye injuries at work. This is exactly why the OSHA has legally prescribed companies to provide appropriate PPE for their employees.

However, work injuries still occur due to noncompliance with OSHA’s standards. According to the aforementioned study, three out of five injured workers were not wearing any eye protection at the time of injury. This is quite worrying.


Solving the RX problem

A major problem faced by employees is the lack of PPE which serves their own safety needs. For instance, take the example of people with astigmatism. Safety eyewear without RX option can be a nightmare for such people. They may have to carry a separate prescription glasses to switch to see clearly. This can be problematic. Bare eyes are vulnerable where safety is required the most. Foreign objects such as projectiles or splashes of liquid can induce great harm in between the moment someone switches their eyewear.

Wiley X Epic serves to solve this problem. The prescription lenses integrated are a source of great convenience. Among WorkSight Series, Wiley X FUSION & WileyX GUARD Advanced are versatile safety eyewear which is made to do the job.


Visual Appeal

Style is an important factor for employees such as managers. People working at mid-level management have to cater to important business meetings as well as oversee the production process. Thus, versatile eyewear would only be relevant here. WorkSight series is tailored to provide a sharp look with the safety of durable protective eyewear. This makes them the perfect option to wear during leisure activities as well. Frames are available in both male & female versions.


Side Shields

Having an all-around protection feature is important here. Safety glasses which often lean on aesthetics forego some critical protection features. WileyX ACE & WileyX ASPECT are important mentions here. At the time of an accident, it’s our first instinct to turn the face away from the source, thus leaving the sides exposed. Side protection shields are important as they help prevent any debris, projectiles, splinters or splashes of liquid from damaging your eyes. This also helps plug in any perforations left open by the default design of frames.


ANSI Certified

ANSI Z787.1 compliance is important here as it’s the hallmark of any durable protective eyeglasses. Lenses subjected to ANSI testing process have to withstand high impact collision in order to ascertain their robustness. ANSI acts as an important third party approver for PPE vendors. It prevents vendors from making false claims regarding the durability of their safety eyewear.

Polycarbonate lenses play an important part in ANSI compliance. The very thermoplastic compound is very sturdy in nature. It helps to keep the lens in one piece against high velocity & impact accidents.