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Youth Force WileyX FIERCE Prescription Safety Glasses


Eye safety becomes even more imperative in the case of our young ones. According to the Vision Council, almost six hundred thousand people suffer sports-related eye injuries every year, one-third of which relate to children. Children play sports primarily to build self-esteem & confidence. An unfortunate event which induces irreparable eye damage thus can be devastating to their overall wellbeing. Experts agree that eye injuries can be reduced by simply wearing the right kind of safety eyewear. Enter the Wiley X Youth Force Series.


Eye Safety for Children

Parents need to teach their children about eye safety during sports. However, the numbers portray another story. According to the aforementioned study by Vision Council, only 15 percent of children were reported wearing some kind of eye safety gear when performing in sports or hobbies.


How Wiley X Helps Secure Your Child’s Eyesight

Common hazards such as foreign projectiles, debris, dust or any other blunt trauma inducing accident can leave their eyes permanently damaged. Thus, one should go with Wiley X that is globally acclaimed & has wide-ranging safety eyewear for its users. Some key features of Wiley X Fierce are:


  • Prescription Ready

Wiley X offers RX lenses with these frames. Your child doesn’t need to carry around a pair of prescription glasses with them. What’s even worse is that your children are put at a greater risk of sustaining injuries when wearing normal glasses. This is because normal glasses aren’t made with polycarbonate lenses which may cause its lens to break against high impact accidents.

Wiley X offers vision correction as well as high-quality durability in one eyewear. Other glasses such as WileyX BOUNCE & WileyX CRUSH are fantastic makes in Youth Force Series. Furthermore, polycarbonate material makes the glasses lightweight in design as opposed to regular glass or plastic. They also help prevent that nerd look even if you require a higher prescription index.


  • Lens Coating

The hard coating increases resistance against scratches thus improving the product’s shelf life. As a result, replacement cost is reduced which means you save more by investing in Wiley X’s eyewear.


  • Shatter Proof Protection

Youth Force Series incorporate ASTM F803 Standard approved polycarbonate lenses in its glasses which do not break against high-velocity impact accidents. Just like all Youth Force Series eyewear, WileyX FLIP & WileyX Leap are also ASTM compliant.

As aforementioned, polycarbonate lenses are ten times stronger than normal glass or plastic thereby providing a robust overlay against any instances of blunt trauma inducing hazards.


  •   Design

Plastic frame with rubber injected temples and nose tips allow for all-day wear without causing any discomfort. The temples are slightly contoured for a snug fitting which prevents the glasses to slide forward or slip away during any physical movement in sports.


On the whole, the Wiley X Youth Force Series provide excellent eye safety glasses with wide-ranging protective attributes suitable for your child.