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WileyX Flash Youth Force Prescription Safety Glasses

Wiley X Youth Force Series involves visually appealing glasses that provide industry standard safety assurance for your child’s eyes. Eye injuries can happen anywhere & in the most unexpected ways. Vision Council’s research suggests that almost one-third of 600,000 sports-related eye injuries are suffered by children. Furthermore, eye injuries were found to be the leading cause of blindness among children. Thus, eye protection cannot be stressed enough.

Optometrists suggest that by wearing high quality & appropriate eyewear, injuries can be reduced by almost ninety percent. Youth Force Series incorporates cutting edge methods which help craft the perfect eyewear which covers most of your child’s eye safety needs. The variety of features that they offer beats any personal protective equipment vendor in the market. Read on to know some of the key features of Wiley X Flash.


RX ready

Wiley X glasses can be used with glazed prescription lenses. This provides a great benefit for people requiring refractive correction as they enjoy the same level of protection as any safety glasses. Also, you can now wear RX glasses with sporty aesthetics by choosing Wiley X.

Normal prescription glasses do not use polycarbonate lenses. This causes their lens to become thicker with increasing prescription index, often giving that nerdy appearance. Conversely, polycarbonate material is relatively lean in composition which is used in making almost all of Wiley X’s glasses. With glasses as WileyX Gamer & WileyX Victory, you can certainly say goodbye to thick & overbearing RX lenses.


ASTM Compliant

The s American Society for Testing and Materials serves to provide qualitative standards pertaining to face & protection of users who wear safety eyewear. All of Wiley X’s Youth Force glasses are ASTM F803 standard compliant. This means they offer to shatterproof protection against any high impact accident which may induce blunt trauma.

High impact resistance acts as a bulwark against various hazards such as projectiles, debris, foreign objects, finger pokes or any other accident involved in sports. On the other hand, glasses that aren’t ASTM compliant can easily fragment into eyes as they cannot withstand high impact projectiles. The very standard makes Youth Force Series apt for all kinds of sports.


Lens Coating

Anti-scratch coating that your eyewear survives for as long as possible. It increases the resistance of lenses thereby increasing the overall shelf life of your product. WileyX FIERCE & WileyX BOUNCE come with the same solution. Although wear & tear can induce damage, if maintained with proper care, your Wiley X glasses can last for a longer time than you think.



Rubber nose piece & temples provide the required level of comfort for children whenever they engage in sports for a certain amount of time. The slightly bent temple tips ensure a snug, comfortable fitting which does not let the glasses slide forward from the position on your face. All in all, you certainly cannot go wrong by choosing Wiley X as it covers wide-ranging safety glasses attributes with the aesthetics of any fashionable eyewear.