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WileyX FLIP Kids RX Safety Glasses for Everyday Use

Many years down the line, your child would thank you for protecting their eyes. So when your child carps about having headaches or discomfort in their eyes, do take it seriously. Conventional prescription glasses are anything but a versatile solution for your kids’ eyes. Eye injuries happen every day. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eye injuries are the chief cause of blindness among children. The simplest solution to this problem lies in having a reliable pair of safety eyewear. Wiley X is a globally acclaimed brand. It is renowned for having a diverse user base. This is marked by the fact that Wiley X has an exclusive product line for kids such as WileyX CRUSH & WileyX BOUNCE.

Youth Force Series aims to provide what usual RX glasses can’t. They combine the function of safety along with vision correction & comfort. Kids tend to be far more active in their daily lives. Hence, it’s important for their glasses to be robust as well as comfortable. This article discusses some of the important features of Wiley X Flip which makes it an optimum choice for serving your child’s eye safety needs.


Importance of Polycarbonate Material

Polycarbonate material helps to protect against instances of severe blunt trauma or lacerations. This is due to its very robust nature, having ten times stronger impact resistance than usual plastic or glass. On the other hand, common eye hazards include abrasions, finger pokes, inadvertent strikes, etc. Sustaining any devastating eye injuries at such a tender age could be very agonizing for young ones. Polycarbonate lenses provide shatterproof of durability against high velocity & impact accidents.


When Prescription glasses aren’t enough

Prescription glasses do not offer the same level of protection as safety ones. Some causes prevail. For instance, your regular RX eyewear may not be crafted out of polycarbonate material. Whereas Wiley X enables a solution that provides the best of both worlds. RX lenses can be easily integrated with any Wiley X eyewear thus helping with vision correction problems as well.

This is an excellent choice for children with astigmatism or weak sight. Kids no longer have to wear thick, bulky pair of glasses with high RX indexes. Polycarbonate lenses allow you to pack up much more prescription index without making your eyewear unbearably heavy. All you need is a prescription for your child from a certified optometrist before placing your order.


Lens Coating

The anti-scratch coating on lenses helps your glasses survive a little longer. This, in turn, reduces the replacement cost as well. Saving your child’s eyes from UV rays is an imperative too. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can be very damaging to their eyes. Polycarbonate lenses promise 99% absorption of UV A & B types of rays.


ANSI Certified

All of Wiley X eyewear is ANSI Z787.1 certified. Notable mentions include WileyX FUSION & WileyX GUARD Advanced among the WorkSight series. On the whole, WileyX stands as the perfect choice for your child for protecting against the unexpected.