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WileyX Gamer Youth Force Protective Glasses for Sports

Youth Force Series by Wiley X are meant to provide cutting edge eye protection for your young one without compromising in the aesthetic department. Youth Force Series comes with a multitude of exciting colors for your child to wear on various occasions. Sporty aesthetics of the glasses make it the perfect eye accessory for any kind of sport that your child is passionate about.

Protecting your child from dreaded accidents is your responsibility. Facts state the eye injuries are a huge problem. According to the Vision Council, two hundred thousand children suffer from sports-related eye injuries. Furthermore, it is posited that eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children. Thus, the need for proper eye protection becomes imperative than ever for your child. Optometrists agree that wearing high-quality safety glasses can reduce eye injuries by ninety percent. This is why choosing Wiley X is a no-brainer. This article discusses some of the key features of Wiley X Gamer & how they offer all-round protection for your child’s eyes.


Shatter Proof Protection

Neither sunglasses nor prescription eyewear provides you with the same level of protection as Wiley X’s eyewear. This is because hazards as projectiles, foreign bodies, debris or fine sediments can induce irreparable damage. To avoid this, your glasses have to have a certain level of safety assurance for your own good. Wiley X offers shatterproof protection, thanks to polycarbonate material which it uses in its eyewear.


ASTM Compliance

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) develops technical standards on eye safety. The very standards serve as a third party approval for the durability of any eyewear that claims to provide eye safety. All of Wiley X’s glasses are ASTM compliant, including WileyX Flash & WileyX Victory, which makes them a high quality, premium eyewear for anyone that demands fool-proof eye protection out of their glasses. Customers can easily ascertain the quality by looking or ASTM compliance, thus saving them from false claims pertaining to an eyewear’s durability. 


Prescription Ready

If your child has astigmatism or vision problems, this is the best one size fits all solution that they can get. Wiley X offers the best of both worlds by combining cutting edge protection along with vision correction in one eyewear. Youth Force eyewear such as WileyX FIERCE & WileyX BOUNCE provides RX ready lenses, as long as you have the latest prescription on you, obtained from a certified optometrist. Now your child can see better knowing that the glasses would not fragment in case a high impact accident happens.

Polycarbonate is also very lightweight in composition. Its lean physicality helps add up more prescription index than usual plastic or glass lenses without making them excessively heavy. This prevents that dreaded ‘nerd’ look, thus providing a visually appealing aesthetic to your child’s overall appearance.



The sporty aesthetics allow children to rock these glasses with any trendy clothing they desire. Wraparound shape provides a greater lateral view, thus increasing the depth perception while performing in any sports.