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WileyX GUARD Advanced RX Safety Glasses for Safety On the Go

Wiley X is a popular choice among people who pursue outdoor recreation. Their product lines range from adults (Active Lifestyles series) to kids (Youth Force). There prevails a common misconception among people that wearing sunglasses would do the job of protecting their eyes. This isn’t the case. Eye injuries are common when it comes to sports or play. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, out of 2.5 million eye injuries per annum, 52% occur in sports or outdoor recreational activities. This article discusses why Wiley X Guard Advanced is the perfect solution on the go to protect against various hazards to your eyes.


Glare Reduction

Exposure to glare is quite common when being outdoors. Glare is essentially caused by the scattered rays – contained in sunlight – which are directed towards our eyes after bouncing off from flat objects such as ground. This causes discomfort while viewing anything. This can be reduced by having tinted lenses.

Tinted lenses help reduce light transmission to an optimum level which is comfortable for your eyes. Light transmission levels solely depend on the tint of the lenses. These Wiley X glasses provide 3 different lens tints. The smoke grey lens works extremely well in bright conditions having a light transmission of around 20%. Light rust lens color works well in medium to low lighting conditions. The lenses come with a zipper case for you to keep them in a safe manner. For people who don’t want any tinted lenses can go for the clear ones.


Fragment Proof

Among Wiley X FUSION & WileyX ENZO, this eyewear also guarantees shatterproof protection against high volume & velocity impacts. This is done by virtue of polycarbonate material used in lenses. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic compound which is ten times more durable than usual plastic or glass. Furthermore, ANSI recommends that polycarbonate material be used for making safety eyewear. It enables the vendors to provide the required level of safety assurance as per ANSI requirements.


Lens Coating

Wiley X’s proprietary anti-scratch coating helps your lenses to last longer than usual. It increases the shelf life of your glasses whereby the replacement cost is reduced for the user. Polycarbonate lens also helps absorb UV- A & B types of rays completely.



The double injected rubber temples allow for comfortable wear over long hours of work. They also help to achieve the optimum level of fit without any instances of slipping away from your face. The glasses also come with leash cords as with WileyX COMPASS & WileyX ACE. The adjustable rubber nose tips are meant to provide a snug fit as well.



The wraparound shape allows for a wider peripheral view along with a sharp, attractive look. The half rimmed frame is meant to provide a sporty appearance during all moments in your pursuits. On the whole, Wiley X is the whole package when it comes to serving your safety needs without eschewing any elements of visual appeal.