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WileyX KINGPIN Safety Glasses for Style & Protection

Wiley X has long been a powerhouse in the world of safety eyewear. Their ANSI rated protective eyeglasses are the epitome of durability & aesthetics combined in one form. Eye safety is at work is just as important outside of it. Furthermore, experts claim that eye injuries can be reduced largely with the use of appropriate protection.

You certainly don’t have to sacrifice style in favor of protection when you’re choosing Wiley X. Active Life Style Series offered by Wiley X is the perfect product for your eyes which offers you the best of both worlds. This is done by integrating cutting edge aesthetics into the glasses’ design. WileyX HAYDEN & WileyX IGNITE are very good Active Life Style Series choices. In the same vein, this article discusses briefly some of the prominent features of Wiley X Kingpin.



The full rimmed, wraparound design plays a huge role in offering a wider peripheral view, which is often sought by sportspeople. It gives a greater depth of view which is also useful in outdoor recreation such as hiking, climbing, shooting or riding bikes. The plastic used in the frame enables it to be strong as well as lightweight at the same time. The countered tips of the temples allow for a comfortable & snugly fit which prevents your glasses to fall off easily.


Ballistic Rated

Ballistic rated eyewear is mostly used by military personnel. The durability standards are much higher as compared to civilian safety eyewear. Usually, the impact resistance can be ascertained by checking out the ANSI +Z787.1 marking etched on the lens. Ballistic rated eyewear is subjected to much more rigorous & stringent testing procedures. However, the standards are somewhat similar to ANSI ones for approving the durability of lenses.


Mirror Coating

The mirror coating helps in staving off any excessive sunlight which causes glare. It does so by filtering out the scattered light & letting in a limited amount in return. The filtered light is decided by the transmission levels predefined for a lens. WileyX Klein & WileyX Kobe also come with tinted lenses. Polarized also provide a certain aesthetic to your eyewear, making them more appealing thereby becoming an important accessory in your wardrobe.



The aforementioned ANSI Z787.1 is an important third party approval standard which serves to protect your eyes. This prevents shoddy claims made by some vendors pertaining to the safety assurance offered by them. ANSI acts as an unbiased third party approver to provide standards concerning the quality of the lens. They ascertain the ability of a lens to withstand high pressure without breaking into pieces. This is extremely important against instances of foreign projectiles or any other sediments which may induce blunt trauma or lacerations to your eyes. Sunglasses often aren’t ANSI rated, which makes your eyes even more vulnerable to injuries while wearing them. A small fragment of shattered glass could easily leave you blinded for life.