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Keep Your Eyes Safe with Wileyx Klein Safety Glasses

Wiley X is renowned for offering safety sunglasses which offer high quality, durable glasses with a sporty design. Glasses by Wiley X provide you with the best of both worlds. Through cutting edge technology, Wiley X ensures that the aesthetics along with safety are well integrated into the glasses itself.

Eye safety is often eschewed outside of work. People engaged in outdoor recreational activities need to wear a reliable pair of protective eyewear to prevent any grave injuries. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, when it comes to eye protection, people often do it very poorly. Moreover, a whopping 52 percent of eye injuries occur outside the workplace.

Experts agree that wearing eye protection can be the simplest solution to preventing injuries. In the same vein, this article explains why Wiley X Klein is the perfect choice for sports enthusiasts & recreationists alike.


A Brief Overview of Active Life Style Series by Wiley X

The Active Life Style series is the perfect armor for people who want to prevent any hazards injuring their eyes during their ventures. Other glasses such as WileyX Kobe or WileyX Leap are popular choices among Active Life Style series. Common sources of eye injuries are foreign objects, projectiles, dust, debris, fine sediment or unwanted splashes of liquid. They induce damage via blunt trauma, lacerations or burns which can leave anyone permanently blind. Hence, the need for ample eye protection can never be overemphasized.


  • ANSI Z787.1 Compliance

There exists a need for a third party approval of durability of any lens during an accident. You may have heard vendors making false claims of protection offered by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) stands as the aforementioned third party which acts as an unbiased regulator of standards pertaining to the quality of durability of a given lens.

Top drawer manufacturers like Wiley X have all of their products ANSI Z787.1 certified. This enables them to offer shatterproof of protection against high volume & velocity impacts. Lenses subjected to ANSI testing undergo a stringent set of procedures. The same tests ensure that the lens won’t dislocate or fragment after withstanding high-stress impact.


  • Lens Tint

The polarized Venice Gold mirror lens proves to be excellent light transmission limiters in bright, sunny weather. Outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing or hunting could use polarized lenses to enhance the range of view & increase vision sharpness without distorting color.


  • UV Protection

UV rays can induce long term eye ailments such as cataracts or macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness. By using polycarbonate lenses, these Wiley X Glasses offer 99 percent absorption of both UV A & B type of rays.


  • Design & Comfort

The aviator shaped frames provide a certain appeal to your overall look. Moreover, they can be sported with wide-ranging outfits & accessories. The lightweight frame allows itself to be worn for long hours without causing any discomfort or pinching sensation at the temples.