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WileyX MARKER RX Safety Glasses for Function & Style 

Workplace safety is often the most ignored measure in any given organization. Companies often face penalties due to noncompliance with OSHA’s standards pertaining to face & eye protection on the job. To counter this, always choose a well-renowned brand over anything else for eye safety. Wiley X is a viable choice for most people who face a multitude of hazards in their jobs. Wiley X Marker is among the WorkSight series. It offers sleek, elegant frame design for RX wearers that also provide the same level of protection as of any other safety glasses.

People often think that in order to protect their eyes, they would have to wear large, overbearing glasses. This is far from the truth. Contemporary manufacturing techniques have allowed many personal protective equipment providers to combine aesthetics into their products. Along with WileyX NASH & WileyX JAKE, the Work Sight series pay special attention to the needs of the style-conscious employee.


What do you get with Work Sight Series?


  • RX Option

This product line is specially targeted towards people having vision correction problems. Such an audience often wishes for a ‘glasses-free’ look, which is done by wearing glasses with sleek frames. However, there exists a problem with traditional RX glasses. Lenses of these glasses are often made of glass or plastic, which are problematic in two major ways. First, they do not offer the same level of protection as polycarbonate material does. Second, typically glass or plastic lenses are heavier in comparison to polycarbonate lenses for people having a high prescription index.

Polycarbonate is essentially a thermoplastic compound which is ten times stronger than plastic or glass. Furthermore, it is deceptively lean in composition; thus allowing for more prescription index than glass without getting heavy or uncomfortable. It also prevents that ‘bulging’ look of the lens due to its thin physicality.


  • ANSI Z787.1 Compliance

ANSI compliance primarily serves to provide a certain level of safety assurance against high velocity & volume impacts during accidents. ANSI recommends that the lens does not get shattered or fragmented after confronting any sort of high impact. You certainly don’t get that with normal prescription glasses who only serve to provide accurate vision. WileyX EPIC & WileyX ASPECT offer ANSI compliance as well. It might be even more dangerous to wear normal RX glasses as they are prone to break into your eyes & induce irreparable damage. In contrast, you get the best of function & accurate vision by wearing Work Sight Series by Wiley X.


  • Additional Protection

Many protective eyeglasses have certain perforation or vents that aren’t guarded. This allows foreign objects, projectiles, debris, fine particles or splashes of liquid to sneak through such perforations and come in contact with your eyes. At the time of an accident, it is in our instinct to turn our face away from the source, thus leaving our sides exposed. Side Shields provide the much-needed protection at sides of the face.