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WileyX MOXY ANSI Safety Glasses in Climate Control Series

Climate Control eyewear by Wiley X is tailored for people who like to pursue outdoor recreation without putting their eyes to danger. Your eyes are prone to get injured while engaging in your favorite pursuits. According to the Vision Council, six hundred thousand people sustain sports-related eye injuries on an annual basis. Thus, protecting your eyes with a top drawer personal protective brand becomes imperative.

Wiley X offers an array of protective features that prevent instances of hazards as dust, debris, high-speed projectiles or foreign objects from harming your eyes. It’s important for any top drawer brand to offer comprehensive protection that offers edgy aesthetics & comfort. In the same vein, this article discusses some of the key features of Wiley X Moxy that makes it perfect eyewear for most outdoor enthusiasts.


Ultra-durable protection

Wiley X uses its own Selenite material in its glasses to offer shatterproof protection against high velocity & volume impacts. The very material is made out of polycarbonate which has tenfold strength than that of normal plastic or glass. Most of the times, sunglasses do not incorporate polycarbonate material thus making them even more dangerous than not wearing any glasses at all.


Prescription Option

Who said people with eyesight problems can’t enjoy the perks of wearing sunglasses? Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds by allowing the option of corrective lenses along with safety assurance all in one eyewear. Furthermore, Wiley X uses polycarbonate material which allows you to wear more prescription index without making the glasses thicker as the very material is very lean in composition. It’s time to say goodbye to those thick, bulging eyeglasses.


Polarized Lenses

These glasses come with polarized lenses which help with glare reduction & increases color contrast. Polarized or Mirrored lenses filter out excessive light that causes discomfort while seeing in bright, sunny conditions. These glasses come with Green Blue Mirror lenses which provide a high definition vision without distorting colors. Furthermore, it also prevents UV A & B types of rays from entering your eyes.


Lens Coating

Lens coating allows you to see better & increases the product life of your glasses. For instance, Wiley X’s own T-shell hard coating increases the lens’ resistance against scratches, thus increasing the eyewear’s life & reducing its replacement cost. The anti-fog coating offers an unobstructed vision for long hours by preventing clouded lenses which are caused by condensation. You don’t have to intermittently remove your eyewear just to wipe off fog on the lenses.

For water sports fans, these glasses are a treat. They come with a hydrophobic coating, which lets the water slide off the surface of the lens instead of clinging to it. Now you don’t have to worry about splashes of water trying to impede your vision.

By & large, you can never go wrong by choosing Wiley X as your partner in protecting your eyes on the go.