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WileyX P-17TF

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WileyX P-17TF Protective Eyewear Frame for Sports Enthusiasts

Wiley X offers a smart, trendy sunglasses with sporty aesthetics which makes it an ideal companion for every outdoor recreation. Moreover, it serves to act as a bulwark against hazards which may induce permanent damage to your eyes. An unforeseen eye injury is anyone’s biggest nightmare. According to Prevent Blindness of America, more than 30,000 sports-related eye injuries occur every single day. This is because people often wear the wrong kind of eye protection or don’t wear any at all.

Wiley X Glasses offer you a one size fits all solution. It offers you everything that you need for a satisfying visual experience while you stay engaged in your pursuits. Moreover, a premium quality frame offers more than what you pay for. This article explains some of the key features of P-17TF & how they ensure your eyes stay safe from any harmful accidents.


Wraparound Shape

The frame comes in a snazzy, wraparound shape which is often sought after by sportspeople. They allow you to wear them with a variety of casual outfits, adding a kick to your style. The very shape is not just for aesthetic reasons, it serves a valuable purpose as well. It helps increase your lateral vision thus allowing for greater depth perception. This frame would surely elevate your visual appeal, making you look & feel good at the same time.


ANSI Approved

As every single Wiley X Sunglasses is ANSI approved, you get to enjoy shatterproof protection against accidents which can cause blunt trauma. Regular sunglasses aren't suited here. Your average sunglasses can easily fragment into your eyes after withstanding a high-stress impact caused by an accident.

ANSI Z787.1 certification implies that your lens is practically indestructible against hazards such as projectiles or high velocity/mass foreign objects. Moreover, it helps in ascertaining if glasses provide the prescribed level of safety assurance or not. This Wiley X Eyewear comes with ANSI certification. Users can check for an ANSI marking etched on the side of lenses (near the temples).



The ergonomics of this Protective Eyewear are amazing. Proper vents around the frame which encompasses the lense provide for comfortable wear when working in hot or humid conditions. This comes in handy when you’re engaged in an activity which can continue for hours. The frame comes in matte black color which can be sported with a variety of your own preferred outfits.

Moreover, rubberized nose pieces & temple tips provide for a snug fitting & dispel any pinching sensation. It comes with a leash cord which you can easily use to let the glasses hang below your neck when not wearing them. For further convenience, T-Peg strap is included which can be coupled with the temples to ensure your glasses stay perched on your nose when involved in activities as climbing, swimming or running. On the whole, you get so much more by investing in high-quality Safety Glasses as Wiley X. You can even check out a few other frames which are an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts.