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Aviator Glasses
WileyX P-17

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Born on the battlefield by developing unparalleled relationships with U.S. Armed Forces and elite Special Forces units, Wiley X remains a standard issue item with many of these freedom protectors. Wiley X eyewear is ideal for weekend warriors or those who live an active lifestyle. Their cut resistant Kevlar and Nomex gloves used around the world in military and security applications offer the ultimate hand protection while allowing maximum dexterity. WileyX ultra protective eyewear uses the world’s most durable and lightweight materials:  shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant T-Shell Hardcoat and virtually indestructible Triloid nylon frames. Not to mention, flame resistant materials. WileyX:  the only premium performance sunglasses manufacturer whose entire line is ANSI safety rated with a one-year warranty and side shields are also available with every frame.


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WileyX P17 Safety Frame

The adorable ANSI Safety Glasses by WILEYX is for the cool heroes out there. The stylish frame is actually a safety providing frame and flawless for all day wearing and comes in a variety of colors. These unique frames are sturdy and have an attractive interior. WILEYX P17 is the enhanced beautiful security you need.

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Wiley X P17 Active Life Style Series Protective Eyewear

If you actively pursue sports or other outdoor recreation pursuits, you may face a multitude of safety hazards that can induce permanent damage to your eyes. Eye safety is something that cannot be ignored. For eye protection, always choose a globally acclaimed brand which provides value for what you spend. Wiley X is an apposite mention here.

Eye injuries can occur literally anywhere. According to the Vision Council, approximately 600,000 sports-related eye injuries occur each year. This is exactly why one needs to protect their eyes during any kind of sports or even at home while doing a DIY project. Wiley X offers Active Life Style Series for people who spend the majority of their time outdoors. The very series incorporates style, safety & comfort in Wiley X’s glasses. Read on for key features of Wiley X P17 which offer unmatched protection, function & cutting edge aesthetics at the same time.


RX option

Gone are the days when you had to carry your prescription glasses with you besides wearing sunglasses. Wiley X gives you the best of both vision correction & safety in one eyewear. Normal prescription glasses don’t have polycarbonate lenses in them. This makes them vulnerable to any high impact trauma accident which can cause it to shatter into your eyes.

Wiley X offers RX ready glasses made with a visually appealing design. WileyX NASH & WileyX NERVE are notable mentions as well which are prescription ready glasses. Furthermore, Wiley X uses polycarbonate material which can pack up more prescription index than normal glass or plastic without getting heavy. It also helps prevent that ‘bulging’ or nerd look.



Dual injected rubber temples & nose piece provides a snug fitting without causing any discomfort for long hours of wear. Contoured temples ensure that your glasses do not slide forward as you lean or duck while performing any labor-intensive task.

Furthermore, the wraparound design offers a wider peripheral view. Thus, providing a greater range of view which is crucial in activities as cycling, shooting or skiing. The lightweight, plastic frame provides greater comfort & durability than other sports eyewear. You can also couple the temples with an elastic strap if you need to lean towards the floor for instance in mining or construction.


Changeable Lens

You can switch between various lenses that offer different light transmission levels to reduce glare. Smoke grey lenses provide a darker tint with low light transmission levels, thus perform best in bright, sunny conditions. Whereas a clear lens can be used when being indoors. All lenses provide 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays.


Shatter Proof Protection

Wiley X’s very own Selenite made out of polycarbonate lens provides shatterproof protection against thigh velocity & volume impacts. All Wiley X’s glasses are ANSI Z787.1 compliant including WileyX REBEL & WileyX Wave, thereby providing the required level of safety assurance.

So stay safe & stress-free by choosing Wiley X as your eye safety armor.

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