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Plastic Wrap Safety Glasses

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  • Frame Width:
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  • 65
  • 15
  • 130
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Eye Size: 65 | DBL: 15 | Temple: 130

Head Size: Medium TO Large

Includes the Following:

  • Gloss Black Frame
  • Silver Flash (Smoke Grey) Lens
  • Black Zippered Case
  • Leash Cord with Rubber Temple Grips
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Product Features:

  • Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate Lenses that Meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Standards as well as US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) Standards
  • 100 percent UVA/UVB Protection with Distortion-Free Clarity
  • T-Shell™ Lens Coating Resists Scratching in Extreme Environments
  • Silver Flash Lenses is a Multi-Coat, Z-Oxide Mirror Over Smoke Lenses that Reduce Glare. Excellent on Bright Days; Light Transmission 12%
  • Rx Ready


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Wiley x PEAK sunglasses are available with polarized lenses that will give you a glare-free view. These ANSI safety glasses are the perfect combination of lifestyles and safety. They are according to the latest fashion. The polarized lenses are made by polycarbonate material that makes them shatterproof. This feature makes them long-lasting as well. These safety glasses have a variety of lenses and are also available with a mirror coating. These stylish sunglasses will suit your style and will make you more comfortable in all situations. If you are thinking about buying new sunglasses, these Wiley x series will not disappoint you. Even you can get them with your prescription number.

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Why WileyX PEAK Safety Glasses Are Suitable for Any Weather

Due to varying temperatures, wearing apt protection for eyes can be overemphasized enough. One must always make rigorous assessments of prevailing weather conditions at work or play before making a safety eyewear purchase. For instance, extremely cold weather brings its own set of hazards. Nuisances such as fogged lenses can obstruct vision thereby leading to eye injuries & vision loss. Wiley X Peak is a relevant mention here as it possesses all the desired attributes that make perfect protective eyewear. This article discusses some of its important features:


Greater Surface Area

Some people choose to go with Safety Goggles due to their wider surface area. This can be a good choice. However, wearing goggles can be wearisome for some people for long hours. The easiest solution to this is to wear eyewear that offers a wraparound shape. This helps with increasing the range of view. Other honorable mentions include WileyX OMEGA & WileyX Kobe.


Prevents Fogged Lenses

Fogged lenses can be a great nuisance. They are essentially caused by differences in temperature of a given environment & lens surface. Fogged lenses are often a problem in cold weather. Breathing with a scarf or muffler on can redirect breath up towards the lens of glasses whereby clouding on lenses occurs. This can cause you to remove your protective eyeglasses intermittently to wipe off the fog. Conversely, Wiley X prevents this by offering an anti-fog lens coating. You can enjoy crystal clear view while staying focused on whatever task is at hand.


ANSI Z787.1 Compliance

Lenses subjected to ANSI testing are ascertained for high impact resistance. ANSI compliance serves to provide a guaranteed assurance pertaining to lens’ durability. It recommends polycarbonate material to be used in lenses, which is ten times stronger than normal plastic or glass. All of Wiley X’s glasses are ANSI compliant, which makes them a viable choice in protecting your eyes in any given situation.



Green tinted lenses help in reducing glare, which is caused by sunlight. Glare is caused when sunlight bounces off from flat surfaces such as the ground or mountains. In many cases, unprotected eyes can also lead to ‘snow blindness’. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your eyes in the form of ailments such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Tinted lenses provide certain light transmission levels. It helps in allowing light up to a certain level which does not cause discomfort to your eyes. All of this is done without distorting color accuracy. WileyX TITAN & WileyX ASPECT come with polarized lenses too.

Furthermore, Mirrored lenses help in reducing exposure to UVA & B types of rays by 99%. This is great for people who spend the majority of their time outdoors in the sun.



The plastic frame with slightly contoured temples helps in achieving the perfect fit. It also offers great comfort if worn for long hours during any activity. 

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