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WileyX REBEL Active Life Style Series Protective Glasses

Wiley X offers Active Lifestyle Series for the energetic, outdoor recreationist who spends much of their time outdoors. They offer unmatched eye safety with a visually appealing design that accentuates your own style. Speaking of eye safety, accidents which induce eye injury occur at the most unexpected moments. Thus, proper eye protection cannot be eschewed in our daily lives. According to the Vision Council, 600,000 sports-related eye injuries occur every year. Experts say that eye injuries can be reduced by ninety percent just by wearing the right type of safety eyewear. Hence, Wiley X is an apposite mention here. This article explains some of the key features of Wiley X Rebel which makes it an optimum eye safety choice for sports enthusiasts.


Ballistic Rated

Wiley X also provides eyewear for military veterans who put their lives on the line to serve their countries. For them, eye protection gear should be strong enough to stop a bullet from piercing through the lens. Furthermore, they are meant to provide additional protection against safety hazards in harsh environments. These glasses meet MIL-PRF-32432 Ballistic Standards (US).


Prescription Ready

Wiley X glasses come with RX lenses for people having vision correction problems. Regular prescription glasses just won’t cut it for you. This is because they aren’t made with polycarbonate lenses which offer greater protection than usual glass or plastic against blunt trauma hazards. Just like WileyX P17 & WileyX Wave, Rebel provides much-needed sturdiness that regular RX glasses don’t. Thus, it offers the best of both refractive correction & durability to users.


Anti-Scratch Coating

Hard coating on lenses bolsters resistance of the lens against scratches which, otherwise., deteriorate the shelf life of your glasses. Moreover, it helps reduce the replacement cost of glasses for users.



Frame comes in wraparound shape, which offers functionality & a sporty aesthetic which is often sought by recreationists. It also gives a greater depth perception to your view. Rubber injected nose pieces and temples help achieve a snug, comfortable fit even when you’re wearing them for long hours.


Glare Reduction

Glare causes discomfort which may cause you to squint or lose focus during any activity. Derailed focus can be dangerous. To protect your eyes against the glare, tinted lenses which can filter out scattered sunlight must be used. WileyX VAPOR & Wileyx Gravity are great protective eyeglasses that you might want to check out as well. Rebel comes with Smokey Grey lenses which are best used in bright, sunny conditions. They have light transmission levels of around 15%. Furthermore, these lenses block out 99% of UV A & B types of rays.


Shatter Proof Protection

Wiley X’s very own selenite polycarbonate lenses provide shatterproof protection against high impact accidents. Wiley X’s eyewear is ANSI Z787.1 compliant which means they provide optimum safety assurance to protect your eyes from any grave danger. Considering everything, Wiley X provides excellent value that keeps your eyes safe & helps you stay focused on your passion.