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WileyX ROMER 3

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Wiley X ROMER III ANSI Safety Glasses in Changeable Series


Changeable series by Wiley X are characterized by that level of versatility which your regular sunglasses can’t match. Protecting your eyes is imperative & is best done by reliable eyewear that offers all-round protection.

To prevent eye injuries, Wiley X offers combines a multitude of features that provide unrivaled protection. According to experts, people should always choose the best alternative that offers the most value for their money. Needless to say, any high-quality brand as Wiley X will combine multiple features that provide the required level of safety assurance by eyewear. It’s important to know what features actually make eyewear good enough to prevent certain hazards. This article explains the key features of Wiley X Romer III & how they contribute to keeping your eyes safe on the go.


Fragment Proof Lens

These glasses come with lenses which are made using Wiley X’s own Selenite or polycarbonate material. Meanwhile, regular sunglasses don’t come with polycarbonate lenses very often. Polycarbonate lens can withstand high impact without any chances of shattering into your eyes. Such level of durability is absolutely necessary when it comes to preventing hazards which can induce blunt trauma. Polycarbonate is ten times stronger than plastic or glass, thus making them a viable choice to protect against high volume & velocity accidents.


ANSI Rated

ANSI serves as a third party approver for validating safety assurance offered by any personal protective equipment. These Wiley X glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified which denotes compliance with standards pertaining to eye & face protection. ANSI rating prevents any shoddy claims laid by vendors pertaining to their own safety gear. You need to look for ANSI marking etched on the side of any glasses to make sure of its compliance.


Glare Reduction

Glare can be dangerous as it can give rise to a lapse in your focus when performing any activity. To prevent glare, these Wiley X safety glasses come in Smoke Grey lens tint which performs best in bright, sunny conditions. They filter out excessive light through light transmission levels (14 percent in their case). Furthermore, they absorb 99 percent of U A & B types of rays.


Lens Coating

These glasses are made using Wiley X proprietary T-Shell hard coating which makes the lenses highly resistant to scratches, thus preventing damage through less wear & tear. Wiley X Slay & WileyX Boss come with the very same coating as well. Anti-Fog coating helps offers clear vision in very hot or cold conditions. This means you don’t have to take off your glasses in order to wipe them clean every few minutes.



Wiley X offers wraparound shape in these glasses with a sporty look that provides a sharp aesthetic to its users. The very shape provides a greater lateral view. Moreover, the glasses’ sleek design allows it to be coupled with a night vision goggle if needed.


RX option

Corrective lenses can be incorporated in these glasses without any problems. Thus, Wiley X offers you the best of both refractive correction & safety in one eyewear.