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Enjoy Versatile Safety with WileyX SABER ADVANCED

Various recreational activities pose a certain set of hazards to your eyes. These hazards, as a result, can leave you blind on a permanent basis. Common hazards include flying projectiles, debris or any other object that induces blunt trauma or lacerations to your eye. Experts believe that wearing apt safety eyewear can reduce eye injuries by a great margin. However, you should always choose a renowned brand such as Wiley X. The most obvious benefit you derive is the value you get by investing in high-quality protective eyeglasses.

Normal glasses won’t cut it here. This is why Wiley X offers you the Changeable Series. The hallmark of this series is that they allow you to switch between multiple lenses for any given environment. You certainly don’t have to look silly while carrying two or three pairs of glasses. This article discusses why Wiley X Saber Advanced is the perfect choice for most people when it comes to protecting your eyes on a daily basis.



The wraparound shape is desired by most sports enthusiasts. It increases the depth of range of vision thus resulting in a wider peripheral view. Furthermore, the contoured temple tips fit snugly at your ears, preventing glasses to fall off during any awkward movement of your head. Other fantastic eyewear in the same product line includes WileyX ROGUE & WileyX PT-1. Adjustable nose piece offers users the option to accommodate to any nose size or shape.


Variety of Lenses

You can choose from three lens tints in this frame, depending on light transmission requirements. Glare is the main reason we require tinted lenses. Glare affects our eyes when light bounces off from flat objects – such as the ground – into our eyes, thus causing discomfort. Smoke Grey colored lenses may be best used under bright, sunny conditions. Their light transmission levels hover around 20 percent.

The pale yellow tinted lens serves to enhance the light. This is when hazy conditions prevail & there emerges a need to enhance contrast. Clear lenses can be used in an indoor workplace. Furthermore, Wiley X uses its own T-Shell Anti-Scratch coating which bolsters resistance against scratches. WileyX OMEGA & WileyX PEAK are worthy of mentioning here as premium safety gear for eyes. This increases the shelf life of the product at the same time reducing replacement cost for the user.


Polycarbonate Lens

All Wiley X glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified, which implies that all of them are made by using polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate has a high impact resistance than usual glass or plastic. ANSI Z787.1 offers shatterproof protection against instances of high velocity & volume impacts. Polycarbonate is deceptively lean, thus making the frames more lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. Polycarbonate lenses are the foundation of any high-quality safety glasses which promise shatterproof protection. By & large, Wiley X guarantees the required level of safety assurance as asserted by ANSI & other regulatory authorities on eye safety.