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WileyX Saint

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Wiley X Saint Ballistic Rated Protective Eyewear

Changeable series by Wiley X offers Ballistic Rated protection. Ballistic rated glasses are tailored made for army veterans who serve their own country in often harsh, unforgiving conditions. A single unforeseen instance of any of the hazards from high-speed projectiles, foreign objects, debris to splashes of chemical liquid can induce irreparable damage to your eyes.

Eye injuries are more commonplace than people think. According to the Vision Council, six hundred thousand eye injuries occur each year outside work. Eye experts say that injuries can be reduced by a large margin just by wearing the right kind of protective eyeglasses. Furthermore, high-quality eyewear, such as Wiley X, would prove to be more than just a good investment. It essentially reflects putting the safety of your eyes in good hands. The following discourse explains key features of Wiley X Saint:


  • Interchangeable Lens

Changeable series allow your glasses to switch between various lenses having different tints or colors. This serves the purpose of protecting your eyes against glare in varying lighting conditions.

Different lens tints possess their own light transmission levels. For example, smoke grey lenses have a darker tint, hence are able to perform best in bright or sunny conditions. Whereas light rust color is best for viewing clearly in hazy conditions. When being indoors, you can always use clear or transparent lenses for maximum light transmission.


  • Shatter Proof Protection


Sunglasses often do not provide the same level of protection. The key difference is the use of polycarbonate material, which is ten times stronger than usual plastic or glass. It helps in providing shatterproof protection against high volume & velocity impacts.  


All of Wiley X’s eyewear, including WileyX PT-1 & WileyX ROGUE, are ANSI Z787.1 compliant. ANSI recommends polycarbonate material to comply with its standards pertaining to eye & face protection. ANSI certification ensures users about the durability & safety assurance provided by glasses.


  • Polarized Lenses


Polarized lenses essentially filter out the excessive sunlight that causes discomfort besides enhancing color contrast. It also increases depth perception which helps when you are performing any activity outdoors that require sufficient hand to eye coordination. WileyX AIRRAGE is a fantastic option when it comes Polarized lenses, adding a sharp aesthetic to them which is often sought after by most sports enthusiasts.


  • Prescription Ready

Wiley X offers the best of both vision correction & enhanced eye safety in one eyewear. Prescription glasses no longer have to be clunky or outdated. You can sport these glasses with the required level of the prescription index in your lenses. WileyX VAPOR also comes with the option of RX lenses.

Furthermore, polycarbonate helps in adding up more index without actually causing your glasses to become overbearingly heavy. Say goodbye to that nerdy look as you no longer have to carry a pair of bulging lenses on your face. On the whole, Wiley X offers the best value when it comes to high quality, premium eyewear.