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WileyX SG-1

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Keep Your Eyes Protected with Wiley X SG-1 Safety Goggles

Goggles may supersede safety eyeglasses when it comes to catering for protection against certain hazards. There are instances when goggles prove to be more effective, which reflects that personal protective equipment should be apt to any given circumstances. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, three out of five people, who sustained eye injuries, were wearing some kind of safety eyewear at the time of the accident.

Wiley X offers ballistic rated goggles for unmatched protection against high-speed projectiles, foreign objects, debris or fine sediments which can induce irreparable damage to your eyes. This article explains some of the key merits of Wiley X SG-1 when it comes to providing comprehensive protection for your eyes.


Shatter Proof Protection

Wiley X offers high impact resistance against hazards that can induce blunt trauma otherwise. Any workplace that follows the conventions laid by the OSHA & ANSI requires your eyewear to be shatterproof in nature for foolproof protection. All of Wiley X’s gear, including Wiley X NERVE & WileyX SPEAR, is ANSI Z787.1 certified which makes it compliant with the required level of safety assurance as prescribed by ANSI itself. Furthermore, these goggles are ballistic rated, meaning they are strong enough to stop a bullet from penetrating the lens.


RX option

What’s better than a goggle that allows prescription lenses? It also removes the unnecessary nuisance to wear RX glasses beneath goggles. Wearing RX glasses under goggles can cause discomfort in hot, sweltering conditions or be a source of fogged lenses which can impede vision. To counter this, Wiley X offers one size fits all solution in these safety goggles that provide both corrective lenses solution along with unparalleled protection.



These come in a wraparound shape with wider lateral view thus allowing unobstructed vision & a greater range of view as well. Another notable quality about these goggles is that they can be coupled either with a mounting strap or rubber temples, depending on your choice. This allows you to be flexible to adapt to varying safety requirements of any given environment thus keeping your eyes well protected from any hazards. These goggles come in a sleek design which makes it compatible with night vision goggles as well.


Lens Coating

SG-1 comes with a variety of lens coating which supplements its safety assurance. One example is Wiley X’s very own T-Shell anti-scratch coating which prolongs the shelf life of the lens & bolsters resistance against scratches. Another example is of anti-fog coating which prevents instances where you cannot see through clouded lenses.


Glare Reduction

They can be combined with various lens tints with various light transmission levels to reduce glare. For instance, smoke grey lenses, with low light transmission levels, work best when facing bright, sunny conditions. Furthermore, Polycarbonate lens allows complete protection against UV A & B types of rays. Overall, Wiley X has got all bases covered when it comes to offering the best safety gear for your eyes.