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WileyX Sleek

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WileyX Sleek Climate Control Protective Glasses

Wiley X offers the perfect eyewear for your safety needs. For outdoor enthusiasts, Climate Control series glasses are well tailored to provide cutting edge protection, sporty look & steady comfort on the go.

Your regular sunglasses won’t be enough to protect your eyes. This is because there are certain caveats when engaging in pursuits outdoors which can pose a variety of threats to your eyes. Among these hazards include projectile, debris or fine sediments, whose contact with your eyes may leave you permanently blinded. Thus, experts recommend that eye protection must be done by choosing the most effective safety gear which is apt to protect against certain hazards. Along the same line, this article explains the important safety attributes of WileyX Sleek.


Facial Cavity Seal

Climate Control series offer foam gasket which can be affixed at the back of your eyewear in a snugly fit against your face. It acts as a bulwark to prevent any instances of dust or trickles of sweat trying to enter through gaps or perforations of your glasses. The best part is that it can be detached for cleaning purposes as well.


ANSI Rated

ANSI serves as a third party approver for ascertaining the safety assurance level provided by different glasses. Just like WileyX KNIFE & WileyX MOXY, these glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified, which means they provide the required level of protection as prescribed by ANSI’s standards.


Shatter Proof Durability

Wiley X uses Selenite or polycarbonate material in its glasses to provide a shatterproof safety. More often than not, regular sunglasses aren’t made with polycarbonate, thus making them prone to breakage or fragmenting into your eyes in case of an accident. It’s basically a thermoplastic compound which offers ten times greater durability than normal glass or plastic.


Polarized Lenses

Glare is a common problem faced by everyone when being outdoors in the sun. It is caused by excessive sunlight being unable to be filtered out by our own eyes. Polarized or mirrored lenses carry the filtering out process via different transmission levels. Lens tint also plays an important part here. These glasses come with lenses in Silver Flash color, which has a dark tint thus making it perfect to wear on bright, sunny days. Furthermore, polarized lenses also provide that sporty aesthetic to your glasses which is often sought after by sports enthusiasts. They also provide complete protection against UV A & B types of rays.


RX option

It’s time to bid farewell to your regular prescription eyewear as these glasses can be coupled with corrective lenses as well. In the Active Life Style series, WileyX Slay is another fantastic option that you may want to check out. What’s even better is that people with higher RX indexes can enjoy almost weightless glasses due to polycarbonate lenses lean composition. In short, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Considering everything, Wiley X is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a reliable, high-quality safety glasses that provide uber-cool protective features & unmatched comfort.