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WileyX Tide

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WileyX Tide Climate Control Safety Eyeglasses

An unforeseen accident can easily leave you permanently blinded. According to the Vision Council, almost half a million people get their eyes injured when performing in sports or any other competitive physical activity. This can be reduced largely by wearing the right type of safety eyewear, as posited by many eye health experts.

To keep your eyes safe from hazards, it is recommended to choose from the best brand available. Wiley X is a globally acclaimed eyewear provider that serves millions of customers all over the world. Climate Control series offers the ideal accessory which is crafted by using cutting edge technology to provide safety assurance & sporty aesthetics. This is a jewel for the everyday traveler, outdoor recreationists & sports enthusiasts alike. This article discusses some of the key features of WileyX Tide & how they help to keep your eyes safe in your everyday tasks.


Shatter Proof Protection

Wiley x offers you Selenite lens, which is their own coined term for polycarbonate lenses. It is ten times stronger than plastic or glass. Wiley X’s eyewear is ANSI Z787.1 certified. This means they offer shatterproof protection against a number of high velocity & volume impacts. ANSI certification implies a certain requirement of safety assurance which vendors have to meet by incorporating polycarbonate lenses into their eyewear. Wiley X P17 & WileyX BRICK are fantastic sports cum safety eyewear as well. You certainly don’t have to worry about your glasses fragmenting into your eyes with Wiley X.


 Prescription Ready

You only need a prescription from a certified optometrist before getting your RX lenses with this one. The best part is that you are getting both vision correction & high-level safety assurance in one piece of eyewear. Now you don’t have to carry a separate prescription glasses in order to see clearly. You can do that with these sporty, cool glasses.


Variety of Lens Coating

It also comes with three types of lens coating solutions. For instance, to deal with the problem of fogged lenses, Wiley X offers an anti-fogging solution which prevents condensation on lenses thus providing a virtually unobstructed vision for many hours. You no longer have to take off your glasses in order to wipe them clean now.

The anti-scratch solution increases the resistance against scratches, therefore, making your glasses more usable & improving their shelf life. For water sports enthusiasts, these glasses are a treat. The hydro coating prevents drops of water from clinging on to the lens surface which helps you to see clearly just after emerging out of water.


Removable Foam Gasket

Wiley X’s own facial seal serves to protect your eyes from any dust, wind, debris or fine sediments which otherwise may find their way through the gaps and perforations of your glasses. It also acts as a bulwark against trickles of sweat coming into your eyes.

Considering everything, Wiley X offers unmatched value on its products for its valued customers. Keep your eyes on the prize while we do our job of saving your eyes!