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WileyX TITAN Safety Glasses for Daredevils

Sports require eye protection more seriously than you think. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 1 million eye injuries occur each year which are sports related. Blunt trauma & lacerations are quite common for people involved in gliding, rock climbing, scuba diving, etc. There is a certain set of attributes which high-quality safety eyewear needs to have. Renowned brands such as Wiley X provide you the most value for what you spend. Their history of making premium eyewear for sports enthusiasts has enabled them to become a powerhouse in the world of sports-related protective eyeglasses. This article discusses what features Wiley X Titan offers on the table for people who have an unwavering passion for high-risk outdoor activities.


ANSI Z787.1 Compliance

Durability against high volume & velocity impacts is the hallmark of high-grade safety eyewear. Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds. Wiley X eyewear provides cutting edge aesthetics to its users along with the promise of shatterproof protection at times of high impact accidents. ANSI Z787.1 compliance endorses the claims pertaining to the durability of the lens laid by manufacturers. All of Wiley X glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified. This adds credibility to their eyewear. Users can check for ANSI marking etched on the side of lenses just to be sure.


Lens Tint

Smoke grey tinted lenses perform best under bright light. This enables them to reduce glare caused by sunlight. Glare is when light bounces off from flat objects towards your eye thus causing discomfort. A dazzle of light can cause you to be detracted from any physical activity thereby exposing you to danger. The smoke grey lens provides a light transmission of around 15% which is perfect on bright, sunny days, offering maximum glare reduction.


All-around Protection

Wiley X Climate Control series come with detachable Facial Cavity. It’s basically a foam gasket which can be affixed on the wearable portion of the glasses. It prevents any fine dust, peripheral light, debris or sediments from harming your eyes. Furthermore, it is an excellent guard against sweat. Sweat often causes people to remove eyewear in order to wipe away the moisture on your forehead.  For UV Protection, the polycarbonate materials used in lenses offer complete protection against UV-A & B types of rays.



The wraparound design offers the much needed wider peripheral view which is crucial for any sports or outdoor leisure activity. It also provides for a snugly fit for extended hours of wear. The added leash cord with rubber grips can be used whenever you aren’t wearing your glasses without wanting to lose them.


Why Choose Wiley X

Wiley X Titan is the go-to option when you don’t want to spend on two separate glasses. This excellent piece of eyewear combines the best of what safety glasses & sunglasses offer – visual aesthetics with industrial eyewear safety. Thus, they cannot be compared to the usual sunglasses which don’t offer much value for your money.