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WileyX TOBI Active Life Style Safety Glasses by Wiley X

People often overlook eye safety as if it is not much of a big deal. According to Prevent Blindness of America, almost 32000 people sustain eye injuries in sports or other recreational activities. You might think that wearing sunglasses is enough to protect your eyes throughout the day. However, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds by combining the aesthetics of sporty sunglasses & safety glasses in one frame. Its Active Life Style series is a popular choice among sports enthusiast. This article explains why Wiley X Tobi is the perfect choice for your eye safety against various hazards.



Rubber nose tips & temples help keep glasses stay in place without any chances of slipping down from your face. This helps while you cycle, run, climb or engage in any other activity that involves a lot of head movement.



The sporty, wraparound shape provides a greater peripheral view which helps by offering a greater depth of vision. It adds to the glasses’ aesthetics too for the style conscious person. The similar shape can be found in WileyX VALLUS & WileyX TALON. The sleek, rimless design provides a sharp look to anyone who wishes to look their best in their sports outfit. Keep all of your options with this eyewear!


ANSI Z787.1 certification

Every Wiley X eyewear is ANSI compliant, which means you don’t need to doubt anything regarding their durability. ANSI serves as a third party approver for vendors to ensure that they provide the required level of safety assurance in their eyewear. This also saves people from false claims made by some shoddy vendors to sell their products. Users can ascertain if glasses are of high quality by looking for ANSI marking etched on the side of frames.


Shatterproof protection

ANSI recommends Polycarbonate lenses to be used in glasses. Chances are your normal prescription glasses don’t have polycarbonate lenses in them. Polycarbonate helps in offering shatterproof protection as recommended by ANSI. Glasses like WileyX OMEGA & WileyX ROGUE possess the same certification. It also helps in absorbing UV A & B types of rays which otherwise can be causes of macular degeneration & cataracts.


Lens Color

Lens tints serve to protect your eyes from glare, which causes discomfort. This is done by limiting the amount of scattered light from entering your eyes by controlling light levels of lenses. Wiley X Tobi comes in Bronze lens color which works perfectly in most common light conditions to reduce glare. It reduces blue light without distorting vision. On the other hand, you can also use clear lenses while being indoors.


Anti-Scratch Lens Coating

Hard coating on lenses prevents the accumulation of scratches, thereby increasing the shelf life of your eyewear. On the whole, investing in reliable safety eyewear such as Wiley X not only saves you money in the long run but also keeps your eyes healthy & protected.