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WileyX WX Twisted

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Wiley X Twisted Active Life Style Safety Eyeglasses


These glasses are offered in Active Life Style series by Wiley X which are tailored for sports enthusiasts & outdoor recreationists. When you are out in the sun mountaineering or on a weekend getaway, you need to wear eye safety gear at all times during your journey.

Hazards such as dust, wind, debris, projectiles, foreign objects or splashes of liquid can easily induce permanent damage to your eyes. Wiley X is a worthy mention here as it encompasses all the necessary attributes that are in reliable safety eyewear. In the same vein, this article explains some of the key features of Wiley X Twisted in Active Life Style series.


Shatter Proof Protection

Wiley X uses its own Selenite compound in its lenses that’s made up of polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate material provides protection against high volume & velocity accidents without any fragmentation or breakage. This thermoplastic compound is ten times stronger than usual plastic or glass & is much lighter in weight. Just like WileyX Slay & WileyX Saint, these glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified. This means Wiley X provides that level of safety assurance which is prescribed by ANSI pertaining to face & eye protection.


Rx ready

These glasses offer you the best of both worlds by offering you a vision correction lens along with safety assurance. You just cannot keep two separate glasses at the same time otherwise. With Wiley X, you can say goodbye to your old, nerdy glasses. Furthermore, polycarbonate lenses are very lean in composition which allows them to pack up more prescription index without getting overbearingly heavy.


Glare Reduction

Glare is caused when scattered light bounces off from flat objects straight into our eyes which causes discomfort. It is quite common to find yourself squinting really hard outdoors in the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays contained in sunlight can lead to macular degeneration or the formation of cataracts.

Wiley X offers polarized lenses that reduce glare by limiting the amount of light that enters the lenses through transmission levels mechanism present in the lenses. These glasses come with smoke grey & emerald lenses. The former work best in bright, sunny conditions due to low light transmission levels. The latter work to amplify color contrast & enhance visual definition. Needless to say, they offer 99 percent absorption of both UV A & B types of rays.



These glasses come in a wraparound shape that is meant to enhance the lateral view of the wearer. The very shape increases the range of vision & depth perception. These plastic frames come with rubber injected temples & nose tips which provide a snug fitting that doesn’t let your glasses slip forward easily. The temple tips are slightly bent in order to provide a comfortable fit that doesn’t put excessive pressure when wearing glasses for long hours.


Lens Coating

Wiley X offers T-shell hard coating that increases the resistance of the lens against scratches thus adding life to your eyewear & reducing its replacement cost.