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WileyX VALLUS Safety Glasses - One for Your Eyes

Looking for the most perfect eyewear that goes with most of your outfit? Enter Wiley X. Wiley X offers you the best of both worlds by incorporating cutting edge aesthetics of sunglasses & eye safety at the same time. Wiley X is a powerhouse that offers glasses for all kinds of audiences. Their eyewear offers unmatched protection, comfort & premium ergonomics. You should always choose from the best when it comes to protecting your eyes from various hazards.

Eye injuries are the leading source of blindness. However, experts agree that they are reduced by wearing the right kind of safety glasses. Wiley X Vallus offers the most comprehensive range of features that protects your eyes & enhances your eyewear experience. This article discusses some of its key features which makes it a versatile accessory in your personal protective equipment paraphernalia.


Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses serve to reduce glare, which is caused by sunlight reflecting away from flat objects. These Wiley X glasses contain amber lenses which provide greater vision depth perception without distorting colors. WileyX OMEGA & WileyX HAYDEN also come with the very kind of lenses. Polarized lenses also help reduce light hitting the back surface of your lens which obstructs vision. Furthermore, there are no mirrors lenses which look less flashy & offer a crystal clear view.


Variety of Lens Coating

Wiley X offers a multitude of proprietary coating. For people who love water sports, Hydrophobic coating is your friend. It helps in preventing water to stick on the lenses. Instead, it lets it glide down thus providing a clear view at all times. You can sport these when swimming or surfing.

Anti-Fog coating helps in stopping the process of condensation. You certainly don’t want to repeatedly take off your eyewear to wipe the fog off your frame’s lenses. This further puts you in danger of sustaining an eye injury by any foreign projectiles or objects coming in contact with your eye. Anti-Fog Coating thereby provides unobstructed vision over long hours of wear.

The T-shell anti-scratch coating by Wiley X increases the resistance of lens against scratches which otherwise damage the lens surface. It increases the shelf life of your glasses & reduces the replacement cost for you.


Prescription lenses ready

You certainly need to ditch your regular prescription glasses because they aren’t as cool as these Wiley X ones! Wiley X offers both safety & vision correction options for people with eyesight problems. This is the perfect eyewear that offers you one size fits all solution.


ANSI Z787.1 Certified

This means that your Wiley X glasses offer shatter resistance against high velocity & volume impacts. All of Wiley X glasses are ANSI certified including WileyX TALON & WileyX ROGUE. ANSI certification helps in offering the required level of safety assurance to keep your eyes safe. By & large, Wiley X offers the most value for its users all over the world on its cutting edge products.