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WileyX VALOR Ballistic Rated Safety Glasses

Have you ever heard that ballistic rated safety eyewear is impenetrable against bullets? Well, it might not literally stop bullets! but you get the idea here. The word ‘ballistic’ points to an object that moves freely at a high velocity. Eye hazards such as projectiles or foreign objects come the closest to this. Ballistic eyewear is meant to provide additional protection in unforgiving military environments where instances of dust, debris, bullets, splashes of liquid & blood are common. Any single one of them can easily damage your eyes permanently.


Wiley X Valor:

Wiley X offers ballistic rated eyewear to ensure that your eyes are protected against the aforementioned hazards. You can certainly wear it to protect your eyes during outdoor recreation or sports activity. WileyX VALLUS & WileyX TOBI are fantastic choices too if you are a sports fanatic. In case of Valor, read on for some salient features that this Wiley X safety eyewear offers:

  • Changeable Lens

Various lens tints offer glare reduction & vision enhancement. This Wiley X eyewear offers you the option to switch between a variety of lens depending upon the requirements of your environment. You don’t have to carry two or three spare pair of glasses when you have the option to change lenses in a single frame.


The options you get are Light Rust & Smoke Grey Lenses. The former is best for virtually all kinds of lighting & are best suited for hazy conditions. The latter has low light transmission levels, which means it has higher filter levels which prevent scattered light from entering your eyes, thus reducing glare. Grey lenses perform best under bright, sunny conditions.


  • Prescription Ready

Accurate vision is imperative for instance while practicing shooting in a range or just hunting out in the wild. Wiley X offers you the vision correction as well as eye protection in a single frame. This is an excellent choice for people with eyesight problems. Now you don’t have to carry a separate prescription glasses on you.


  • Lens Coating

The lenses come with Anti-fog coating which prevents clouding of lenses in very hot or humid conditions. You don’t have to remove your eyewear in order to wipe off the fog present on the lens surface, which leaves your bare eyes vulnerable to hazards. Anti-fogging provides you a crystal clear vision for long hours so you can stay focused on the task at hand. WileyX HAYDEN & WileyX IGNITE also come with the same kind of lens solution.


  • Comfort

Valor comes with double injected rubber nose grips & temples for a secure, comfortable fit which prevents it from falling from your face during any awkward head movements. Temple tips are slightly curved in to provide a snug fitting.


  • Shatter Proof

Polycarbonate lenses offer to shatterproof of protection against high volume & velocity impacts. This is ascertained by ANSI Z787.1 compliance as well. The shatterproof lenses meet 32432 Ballistic Standard which denotes this eyewear is impenetrable against instances of high-speed projectiles.