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WileyX VAPOR ANSI Safety Glasses with Changeable Lens

Wiley X offers cutting edge eye protection gear which accentuates your style besides providing unmatched comfort. Changeable series by Wiley X offers the perfect eye accessory for people who enjoy spending time outdoors or actively engage in sports on a regular basis.

Eye safety is an imperative which needs to be taken seriously. According to the Vision Council, almost 600,000 people get their eyes injured while performing in sports or outdoor recreation. Experts believe that eye injuries can be reduced by wearing the right kind of protective eyewear. In the same vein, a globally acclaimed brand such as Wiley X provides you with high-quality glasses for the longevity of your eyes.  Wiley X ensures an immersive, stress-free experience while you actively pursue sports or any other activity outdoors. This article explains why Wiley X Vapor is an apposite choice when it comes to protecting your eyes with the best.


Ballistic Rated Eyewear

Lens of this eyewear is strong enough to withstand a projectile traveling at a speed of 700 km/h, akin to a bullet. Ballistic rated glasses are meant to provide eye safety assurance to military veterans serving in harsh, dusty conditions. You won’t be dodging bullets while wearing these glasses. However, you get to enjoy the same standard of durability!



The wraparound shape gives better lateral protection to areas around your eyes. Furthermore, it increases your view’s depth perception. WileyX REBEL & WileyX P17 come in wraparound shape as well. The very shape also adds to overall aesthetics of the frame as the sporty design is often sought by outdoor recreationists. Temple tips are a bit contoured to provide a snug fit. Adjustable nose piece ensures an all-day comfortable fitting when wearing glasses for long hours.


Changeable Lens

People who spend time outdoors come across the problem of glare. Glare is caused by scattered light entering our eyes, thus causing discomfort. It can be countered by wearing lenses having certain levels of light transmission. It filters out extra light causing us to see better in broad daylight. For bright, sunny conditions Dark tints are recommended. WileyX PT-1 & WileyX ROGUE are fantastic glasses that come in Changeable Series. These glasses come with Smoke Grey Lens which have light transmission levels of around 15%. For indoors, clear lenses with maximum light transmission levels are recommended.


RX option

Who says that you can’t wear sunglasses & prescription glasses at the same time? Wiley X gives you the best of both worlds in one eyewear. Now you can enjoy vision correction with cutting edge eye safety at the same time. You just need to have the latest prescription obtained from a certified optometrist. Furthermore, polycarbonate material helps you pack up more prescription index than normal glasses due to its lean composition. On the whole, you can never go wrong by choosing Wiley X as a vital armor for all-around eye protection.